Is Everything all ‘White’ in Your Life?

Is Everything all ‘White’ in Your Life?

Every colour affects our mood and psyche in some way.  Understanding this subtle science can help us to be more selective about what colours we wear and surround ourselves with.

colour prismOf all the colours, white is by far the most enlightening.  White is a spiritual colour.  It is the colour of angels, the colour of purity and the colour of cleanliness.  And cleanliness, so they say, is next to godliness.  White light is composed of all the colours of the spectrum and therefore contains all other colours.  So if you are looking for harmony in your life, if you are looking to balance your personality and to make it whole and complete once again, then it would be wise to add more white to your environment and your wardrobe.  Brighten up your life and lighten up your mood!

Logic says, Peace Doveif you can’t affect your mood from the inside out, then try doing it from outside in!  White carries vibrations of love and peace, coolness and care.  White is a colour of innocence and peace, symbolised by the white dove.  Wearing white will help to emerge all of these qualities from within the soul.

Any small mark on a white background will stand out like a sore thumb.  So too, those pursuing the quality of purity, wear white as a reminder to ensure their soul remains equally clean and free from the smears of any misdeeds.  The robes of the Pope, Mother Theresa, Dadi Janki and many other spiritual leaders are white for this same reason.

It is no coincidence that doctors’ coats are white and not pink or black.   Apart from the obvious reasons of hygiene, doctors can sometimes be seen as god-like beings who can treat the sick and bring the dead back to life!  Politicians in India assertinwhite storkg to have a clean character (non-corrupt) use this colour to their advantage and wear white kurtas to elevate their image.

White is the favoured colour for many pilgrims around the world.  Denoting simplicity, humility and purity, the garments are of plain, unrefined cloth and in some cases unstitched.  A reminder that as we go in front of God, the Almighty, we have to go without the cloak of our ego and arrogance.  We have to shed the leather of body consciousness.

The fairytale wedding is not complete without a white dress, intended to indicate to the onlookers that the bride is as pure and chaste as the driven snow!

White is also often the first and last colour the body is adorned in, from birth to the grave.  In many cultures white is the final dress the body will wear before it is taken for burial or cremation.  A spiritual lesson that at the end, we take nothing with us.  Regardless of our status or attainments in life, we all leave with hands empty, and without any glitter or gold.

Perhaps most important of all – white reflects.  It deflects negative energy.  White is the colour of the giver, the one who blesses, who spreads light.  In contrast, the energy of black is needy; it takes from its surroundings, and absorbs light.  It is somber, solemn and dark.

When we exAngelplore our true spiritual nature, we come to understand that we are all indeed light.  The soul is an ‘invisible’ white light.  It may be well hidden behind the dark costume of body consciousness, but in reality it can never be dimmed, it remains our imperishable truth.  The journey of uncovering our real selves then becomes our path to enlightenment.

And the role of the enlightened one is to empower him/herself with the light of God, and reflect that light to others.

It’s time… to add more white to your life, to brighten up your life and to lighten up your mood and then… everything will automatically become all right!



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  • I read once the meaning of the color white and I liked the most among all it represent. And that is “I dont exist-not what you see” but…

    Thank you for being an instrument and share your writtings.


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