In Celebration of Women and Shakti Power

In Celebration of Women and Shakti Power

Image by TuendeBede from Pixabay
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“A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy.
A wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.”

Maya Angelou

Even today, through-out India the memorials of the Shiv Shaktis can still be seen.  These are images of powerful women who are remembered in the form of goddesses.  The Shaktis are worshipped in the form of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga and many others.  These women are never shown as weak.  These Shaktis are a force of power.  These women are depicted as strong, warriors of strength and fearless.  People worship them and ask for support and protection in times of need.

Annually on the 8th March we celebrate the International Women’s Day. This a day in celebration of women all over the world.  Women comprise about half of the world’s population, but sadly women do not always experience the respect and equality that is their due in society. Ironically, in times of crisis and need both men and women call upon the aid of the Shaktis.  Just like the Shaktis, so many angels have been depicted and remembered in their female form of love and power.

In many faith traditions there have been images of women of power and courage.  These are the forms of powerful women.  From Mother Mary in the Christian tradition, right through to the community herbalists and healers of ancient times, women have always been there.  In history, her-story has been hidden behind his-story!

“When you have passion for what you are doing,
why would you want to stop?”

Dadi Jankiji

Today, women need to embrace their true inner Shakti power.

A strong woman should stay in her super self-respect and understand that there is no world without her.  She has patience, and she even has the strength to bury the pain of child birth.

Image by Pixabay

Every woman needs to hold her head up high and be strong, for she is truly the head of the family… Feeding and nurturing the family with food for the body, together with values and guiding principles for the soul.  There is saying: that the mother is the first teacher for the child and the guru of the home.

“My mother’s love has always been a sustaining force in our family, and one of my greatest joys is seeing her integrity, her compassion and her intelligence reflected in my daughters.”

Michelle Obama

A proud woman will help her fellow woman and not be in competition with her.

A wise woman knows to leave the game when the playing is unjust and unfair.

A self-possessed woman has faith in herself does not need others to validate her. She knows her value and what she is worth.

An intelligent woman knows that she is enough!

A beautiful woman is one who knows her inner beauty… she is grateful for her inner richness and talents… but she does not depend on her bodily looks!

A powerful woman’s voice can be heard for thousands of miles afar.  She does not hesitate to speak her mind, but she does so with a trained tongue and a wise wit and will.

“Women should be tough, tender and laugh as
much as possible and live long lives.”

Maya Angelou

An astute woman knows how to handle the men in her life, whether they be son, brother, husband or father.  She gives respect and she receives respect in return!

A brave woman is one who has the courage to open her heart, even after it has been broken and repaired.

A positive woman always keeps her attitude in check.  She knows that attitude is everything!

A confident woman need not compete, she is on the go all the time anyway… she is proving “she can”, and that she is capable.  When someone cannot do, they compete!

A passionate woman is one who just gets up and goes.  She does not need the approval of anyone, she is self-assured and self-reliant.

An adventurous woman is one who takes risks and who questions the status quo.  She does not listen and sit.  She challenges, rises and wins!

Today let us celebrate the feminine principles of love, nurturing and compassion.  Let us invoke the Shakti within and experience power in our own lives.

It’s Time… to celebrate the beauty and Shakti power of women.

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© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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