• Trust: The Foundation of a Healthy World

    Trust: The Foundation of a Healthy World “Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust there’s no reason to continue.” Let’s begin with this beautiful story. One day a man went out to buy some fruits in his town in India.  He noticed that on the stall there was Continue reading »

  • Inner Power is the Need of the Hour

    Very often we want to make grand changes in our life, so that our lives can become happier and more fulfilling.  We believe working hard and increasing ‘da dough’ in the bank account will make us more secure.  Or getting that plastic surgery will make us more desirable!  Perhaps, moving away from difficult relationships will get us that sweet peace of mind.  But is that always really the solution?

  • Imbibing Virtues

    As you go about your day today, why not try to be like a sponge absorbing virtue.  Specifically look for a virtue, something positive, in everything that you see and do today.  It will be like a game of ‘spot the virtue.’  Even when it seems to be going wrong, there must be a hidden benefit.  Yes, there has to be!  This is the first and easy way.  Secondly as you meet and connect with people, look for a definitive quality in them, make it a game in your mind, as though you are trying to find a diamond in the haystack! 

  • Healing Our Feelings

    When those thoughts are not transformed into positive, then those negative thoughts will only come to haunt us later in the form of sickness or ill health.  This may seem obvious to many of us. But do we truly realize just how important it is to create the right type of thoughts and feelings in our mind?  We need to consciously choose to steer the mind away from the creation, or even influence of any negative thoughts or feelings.

  • The Drama of Life – Living in Character

    If the world is a stage, and the sun, the moon and the stars are the lights, then we are all actors on the world stage.   How well we act depends on how well we have learnt our lines, know our roles and play our parts.  Our job is not to fix other actors and their scripts, or to change the set, character or costume, our job is to do our best at acting out our own role!

  • Are You Living In A State of Independence?

    In an independent state, I am free.  No strings attached and no doubts or fears where I need to hold onto anything.  Nothing to prove, and in no fear of loss. It is so liberating to know that I am not holding onto anything and that also nothing is tying me down.  What an amazing and exhilarating feeling!

  • Bodiless State

    The bodiless state means to go beyond all forms of impressions of the body.  At that time there is nothing of this body or the world that I am taking pleasure from.  So if I am beautiful, it doesn’t matter.  If I am rich, that also doesn’t mean much.

  • Is it the Right Decision?

    No matter what your age, or whatever are the circumstances of your life: BEGIN NOW to perform the actions that will take your life in a positive and beneficial direction. Don’t think it’s too late, or you are too set in your ways to change. We can change now! We can improve. We can shine. We can start to give back. Begin to take the right decisions now. This will set into motion the wheels of kindness and compassion which will give back to you multifold.

  • 7 Tips to Improve Your Power of Concentration

    So too in life, it is important to stay focused on why we are here.  For this, one needs to define our life’s purpose. The emphasis on the purpose is not a doing verb, even if it may be defined as one, but the living quality behind the verb.  For example, we are here to love, care, share, stare, dare, to dream and beam!  We are here to experience the fullness of our being. Once we are clear on our focus, we can then divert all our energies toward that.  That is concentration!

  • The Power of Virtues

    We greatly underestimate the power of our virtues.  In fact virtues are a form of spiritual wealth that we often neglect and fail to nurture.  When we do not invest in our own ‘self’, then we find that our inner powers of the soul become depleted.  Once we are depleted then we find it a struggle to face the challenges of life with all those twists and turns that present themselves to us.