• Welcome 2019!

    “So, this is Christmas… and what have you done?
    Another year over and a new one just begun…”

  • The Beauty of the Living Christmas Tree

    The symbol of the ‘Tree of Life’ can represent the family of humanity each leaf representing a soul of the Earth living together; just as there are a variety of religions in the world, yet each ‘branch’ emanates from the same Seed; God, because the Divine Soul is the Seed of the human world tree.  There is an eternal flow in Nature, but which comes first, the seed or the tree?

  • It’s Time… To Do the Inner Work

    When we get caught up in the stuff on the outside, then the inside just goes haywire. Then there is chaos and confusion in the mind and in time the operating system will totally crash! This is why the soul needs to get back behind the controls to guide our life in the best way and the best direction, basically letting love, not attachment, fear or expectation be our default programme. We have been running those old programmes of fear, anger and sadness for so long, now is the time to discard them and let them go.

  • AWARE?

    As we practice being more and more aware of all that is going on in and around us, we are training our mind, and we will become consciously engaged beings and not simply a passive someone.  A conscious mind is alert and active, more intuitive and can make better decisions.  Wow!  Just so many benefits from choosing to be present and aware and awake.  Then why don’t we do it more often?

  • Mind Your Senses

    We often use the term: ‘Mind your own business.’  But how about minding our own senses? If Raja Yoga is mastery over the ‘self’, then who is the ‘self’, and who or what are we supposed to be mastering?

    There are many stories and poems from around the world, and they describe the body with all its senses as a kingdom to be mastered.  The senses are often referred to as wild horses which need to be tamed.  They run off into many different directions, and the one holding the reins has to have the strength and the expertise to guide them gently back on track.

  • To Be Peaceful, Or To Be Right? It’s Your Choice

    How many times have we stressed our self out and suffered in trying to prove our point?  And was it really worth it?  Where did it leave us? With more self-respect, or in complete loss and feeling depleted?  If there are legitimate disputes and we have certain rights to claim, there are the legal systems in place to register our disagreements.  But I am talking here about the daily ups and downs in life with those souls who are in our orbit. We call them family and friends, our inner circle so to speak.  Sometimes we have to ask ourselves: Is it really worth the fight to prove ourselves right?  You decide.

  • Light Up Your Life

    The lighting of the lamp during Diwali, usually a clay vessel and a white cotton wick, symbolises igniting the spiritual light of the soul while seated in the body of clay.  The light is fuelled by the oil of knowledge through the wick of the intellect.  The intensity of the light generated depends on the extent to which we absorb the oil of knowledge and expand our understanding. 

  • What’s the Time?

    Sometimes all it takes is 22 seconds to destroy a relationship of 22 years.  With the choice of our words we can destroy in a few seconds what took several years to build.  It’s all about how we used that moment; to make it or break it.  Basically, we need to ask ourselves:  How much we are thinking and acting from love?  Sometimes we make poor choices in life.

  • Who Needs to Change?

    To change places is easy but it is not as rewarding as changing the self.  When I change myself, then I can be self-assured that I can be anywhere and I will survive and thrive. I will not live with the fear of having to avoid those difficult people, places or problems. I really do not want to keep manifesting the same problem over and over again at a different time, a different place or with different people, because it will still be the same old me!!

  • Inner Peace and Inner Power Retreat, 2018

    One thing we must learn is that we cannot maintain peace without silence or meditation.  We may get fleeting moments of peace in our life, but they all pass momentarily.  Perhaps, we may find that drinking a cup of coffee or smoking a cigarette gives us the experience of peace.  But, that is only temporary for as long as our cup of coffee or cigarette lasts!  But lasting peace comes from a place deep inside.  Going right to the core of our being.  For us to find that quality of peace, then we will need stillness of both the mind and body.