“Just because the sun does not come out at night, it does not mean we stop calling it the sun.
The sun will always remain the sun, whether it is visible in the eyes of everyone or not.”




How often do we pat ourselves on the back, pinch our cheeks, give ourselves a hug and congratulate ourselves for who we are not and what we have accomplished?  Maybe not very often, if at all! Well, (if that’s the case,) allow me to be the one to break this news to you, you are awesome!

We are so good at putting ourselves down and criticizing ourselves for not being perfect!  We are also very astute at noticing what has gone wrong, and rarely highlight what went sooo right. We may even dislike ourselves when things don’t go right!  Well, its time to change all that.  Read the following as though you are talking to yourself…

I am awesome because I have a big heart; a heart as big as the ocean.  A big heart means one that can take in the sorrows of the world without making them my own.  A big heart means to always allow love to flow, no matter what.  A big heart means to give and receive blessings.

I am awesome because I have a big smile; a smile that is as wide as the horizon!  I smile for me and for you.  Because when I smile for me, my whole being smiles too and when I smile for you, I light up your world and take away your sorrows.  Where the pain has closed all doors, the smile opens one up. I can smile, because the smile is one of wisdom and all knowingness not foolishness. I smile because I am content.

I am awesome because I can find meaning and purpose in everything I do.  I never waste my time, therefore nothing ever is a waste; everything is worthwhile.  Everything is always beneficial for my growth and development.  Even when things are not working out, they are happening for a reason.  Everything is good and can never be bad.

I am awesome because I am always grateful. I live my life in gratitude.  I am thankful for all the little things that happen to me. Because I trust in the drama of life, I know that it always ‘delivers’ to me.  It may not be in quite the packaging that I would have liked to see it, yet I know that when I ask, the universe delivers.  And I am thankful even when it doesn’t deliver, because, that is when I need to step back, detach, and take another look – always in gratitude.

I am awesome because I care and share.  I love to share the best with all.  I don’t like to give sorrow, no one does. So my intent is always to love. Yet I do not lose my ability to care and share, even when the other is not. I am a great soul who gives for the pure sake of giving, regardless of whether the other is taking or not taking, giving or not giving. I have abundance.  Therefore I am never depleted, I am ever flowing.

I am awesome because I just am.  I do not need to do anything to prove myself or give of myself.  I am a divine being, radiating love and light, good wishes and pure feelings and that is enough – so long as I am in the consciousness of my own greatness

I am awesome because I am a child of the Divine. He is my Father and Mother, Friend and Guide. He is the One support, the only source of all inspiration and power. I am His child and so heir to His qualities and virtues. I reflect only His light. He is mine and He is yours too.

It’s Time… to celebrate our awesomeness!




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