Yogi Life – A Simple Life

Yogi Life – A Simple Life


When we think of a yogi life what do we think of?  Somewhere in our definition will appear the word simplicity.  The word yogi is almost synonymous with simplicity.  As we make our life simple, we will be better able to concentrate and be more mindful.

There was a story of an American who visited a sage in his home in India.  He asked the sage why his home was so bare.  “Where are your belongings?”  He extorted.  The sage replied to the American: “Where are your belongings?”  The American replied in amazement: “But I am a guest here in India!”  Sage replied: “I too am a guest here in this world!”  This story should be a lesson to us all.


Why is it that we need to hold onto so much?  Is any of it really going to help us in those final moments?  Or will it be the ones we loved and cared for that will be around us in those times that will matter most to us?

The yogi life is also seen to be one of contentment. It does not suit a yogi to have many desires and then to be haunted by them when they are not fulfilled.  Desires make our life complicated.  Desires are temporary and not fulfilling.  They only add aggravation and frustration. When we cultivate contentment then we realise that never-ending desires are really the source of our peacelessness. It is a different matter to have goals and aspirations.

Raja Yoga advocates that to the extent we reduce the external paraphernalia in our life, and even clear away the clutter of our mind, then the more we will be able to concentrate and find inner peace.  The more we go into the expansion and detail of life in terms of relationships, possessions, assets and the sorts, the more we have to put our attention to those things.  The more those things will pull us throughout the day!  Therefore as much as possible minimize.  This does not mean to become a hermit, but rather to be discriminate and have more quality and not just quantity.

The following suggestions may help to simplify your life.

A yogi keeps his (or her) clothes simple.  As we reduce the number of clothes, the colours of the clothes we wear and also the variety, we actually reduce our headache every morning.  If you have three to choose from rather than a hundred, obviously it will make a big difference to our time and decision making, first thing in the morning. It’s interesting to see the new trend away from overstuffed wardrobes full of redundant clothes towards a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of 37 pieces. Also, the yogi ‘a’ la mode creates his own fashion.  He does not need to compete or compare.  He is content with his ‘look’!

The language of a yogi is simple, that is, soft, sweet and kind.  If we decide to only see the good in others then only such positive and polite words can emerge from within us, nothing else.

The consciousness of a yogi is uncomplicated.  He does not enter into why or what or how or when?  He is ever accepting of the flow that is around him and more so, he is ever embracing of those changes.  He is not in conflict and therefore discontent.  His consciousness is that he is eternal, an actor in the play, and all this is fleeting.

The thoughts of a yogi are simple.  Very few thoughts, yet powerful and productive.  He does not need to think too much about something.  Answers come easily and decisions are made readily.  The mind of a yogi is uncomplicated.  In this manner they come across cool and flexible, accommodating and easy to get along with.

Most importantly, we have to embrace simplicity with love and not out of a laziness or carelessness.  We can believe we are simple, but it may be a form of idleness without order or cleanliness.  So love to be simple. Enjoy the freedom that it brings. Feel the benefits of simplicity, you will be rewarded richly.

It’s time… to un-complicate your life, embrace simplicity and enjoy your freedom!



© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK





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Superb….post !!