WOW and WAH!

WOW and WAH!

We are already into the second week of the new year, and there is a strong likelihood that already some of our new year’s resolutions have already gone astray! Keeping a light heart and gently reinforcing our positive and determined attitude will keep us going when the motivation is flagging!

Just for fun, why not sprinkle your thoughts and your words with a few powerful affirmative statements. It’s AMAZING how positive language will transform an ordinary attitude into and a positive one, and will get the day moving. You will draw towards yourself positive energy and positive people. Here are just some words:

The word ‘super’ is a really cool word to help you stay positive. Just saying it with feeling makes you feel that whatever is happening can be wonderful, fantastic, terrific and marvelous! Apply ‘super’ and a little bit of humour to everything and see how your mood changes. “It’s super horrible weather today!” “Super chili food” (yikes!). Or, “It’s super exciting”. As silly as it may sound, by making everything and anything feel super, it will really become it. By just adding this small slant on your sentences, you will veer a little closer to the feeling that all truly is good and wonderful.

Let go of uncertainty and doubt, throw caution to the wind, and have a YES! day. Say YES to everything, whether out loud or in your mind. “YES I will do this…”. “YES I can do that…”. Be open to trying new things, to being more accepting. Sometimes saying no is just a habit, so try saying YES to things you have been resisting, be brave and see where it takes you.

When people are surprised at situations they often ask, “Why…?”. Next time you find yourself amazed and dumbfounded, replace the word ‘why’ with ‘wow’! Don’t be surprised – be excited! This attitude will empower you rather than weakening you. Or, instead of asking, “Why me?”, “Why did he/she do this?” (a form of complaint) just think “Wow, isn’t human nature wonderful”. Realize that you are bigger than the situation, that you are in control and can override other people’s negativity. You can observe and enjoy the drama of life!

In the Greek language the word ‘wah!’ means wonderful. In the Hindi language the word is used to show admiration and appreciation. Something that is truly great even deserves a ‘wah, wah’! Some believe that it is such a powerful little word that, if repeated like a mantra, it will awaken our intuition. As you open your mouth, you will notice how your whole body has to open up to this energy. Learning to say ‘wah!’ takes us into that child-like state of being able to see the wonder and joy in everything. In this state of mind the universe conspires to make everything ‘wah wah!’

How often do we give gratitude to everyone and everything around us? Being appreciative of all things makes our spirits rich and abundant. Even when things are not going our way, if we can be content with what is seemingly going ‘wrong’, we can have the courage and will to make things better. For example, even breaking a foot could end up being to our advantage, as it can give us a long overdue ‘break’ that is just what we needed! But if we moan and groan, then the pain lingers and so does the healing.

Using the statement ‘I am’ is much more empowering than ‘I can’ or ‘I will’. Acknowledging, for example that ‘I am at peace’, is much powerful than I will be at peace or I can be at peace. Saying ‘I am powerful’ will automatically empower you. If you would like to confirm your resolutions, do so by saying, ‘I am…’. You are bringing future achievements into the present moment; you are telling your subconscious mind that you are already there (here!).

Start the day with the determined thought that your day is going to be ‘wonderful’, and it will be. Or at least it can be if you choose to let it. Whatever happens to try and knock you off your pedestal, just see it as part of the wonderful tapestry of life. Learn whatever lessons it is presenting to you, but refuse to let it hijack your life. I am wonderful, you are wonderful, and life is wonderful.

‘Om Shanti’ is a phrase that brings quiet and silence to your mind. ‘Om Shanti’ means, I am a peaceful soul/being. It helps you to put a full stop to the noise of your thoughts. When you don’t quite know what to do or say, just repeat ‘Om Shanti’ quietly in your mind… sit in silence for a few moments and allow the energy to pass. You will feel deep peace and calm and regain a sense of direction or judgment.

It’s time… to have a ‘wah wah’, ‘super’, ‘wov’ day.  ‘Yes’ it is!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source –
‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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Mireille zreik

I used to practice meditation yoga and tried to be always positive with my husband kids friends family thought always that people send always stone to the fruitful tree to get power to survive,yesterday I lost hope coz one it is need two hands for clapping, I was desperate,but believe that sometimes things come thru anywhere for help,I didn’t open my mail since longtime,today I opened it coz I feel down nothing motivates me .where suddenly I read ur wonderful mail which woke me up thank u lovely u r!

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