Who or What is Bothering You?

Who or What is Bothering You?

“Everything that irritates us about others can
lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

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Why do we become irritated and impatient with certain people and situations?  Who has the problem?  Is it them?  Or is it us?  Who is experiencing the reaction?  That one has the problem, and we are the one’s losing our cool!

Often, we feel that we have one nerve, and someone just keeps stepping on it.  Triggering a reaction in us.  This is also called “pressing our buttons”, and those closest to us know just exactly which button to press to stimulate that knee jerk reaction in us.  That is why it is so important to take care of our own mind, to understand our triggers and work on ourselves to be less reactive.  We definitely need to extend our fuse time.  When we have a short fuse, then we will have an instant blow up and that’s when the fireworks start.  First in our mind, then they will shoot off in all directions doing some damage somewhere or the other.

What we have seen overtime is an erosion of our soul power.  That inner core power of the soul has become diluted, and in some cases not only devalued but lost completely.  Spirituality feeds us, the soul needs spiritual food to stay healthy, just like the body needs the right food full of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.  What is the sign of receiving spiritual nourishment in our life?  Happiness.  Yes.  We will simply be happy and that too, all the time.

A lack of power will cause loss in our life, having low resistance and high levels of agitation is a direct road map to UNhappiness.  So what are the signs of our social allergies and irritations?

Maybe one of the following points could hold the answer to why we are suffering from irritation.  Here are some questions you might like to consider asking yourself.

There may be a lack of power
Check where are you losing power?  What challenges do you face in your life, and on a daily basis, where you could choose to “respond” rather than “react” in those situations?

Is there a lack of knowledge?
Do you have enough knowledge about yourself, others and the situation?  By now you must have realized that it is not all just about you.  Perhaps the practice of giving some love, compassion, acceptance, gratitude, consideration and understanding might produce some fantastic results in your relationships.

Image by Fran from Pixabay

Maybe you have a poor attitude
Let’s be honest, sometimes our attitude can stink.  It is so bad that everyone can see the damage that it does, of course except ourselves, because the ego sits on our blindside. The ego-mind will not allow us to see our own faults and things we need to change, but the ego has a super-powered telescope to be able to detect the defects of others.  We must remember that old bit of wisdom; “If you can spot it, then you have got it”.

Is it down to a lack of experience?
Ask yourself: Am I out of my depth here – in this relationship or in this job?  Maybe what you need is a total change in life.  See what small changes you can make in your life that will bring some immediate positive results for you.  Do you need to study more and increase your skillset?

It could just be plain expectation
See how many of the problems and challenges in your life are due to our own expectations?  About the self; other people; life; work etc.  Can you rein in those expectations to make them somewhat realistic?  Can you change them into realizable options?

Be Realistic
Sometimes, and we do not even realize that this is happening, we simply are not honest or realistic with our self.  Quite honestly this is going to be a recipe for disaster at some point in our life!

“Why speak, when you can convey far more through silence.”

Dadi Janki

We could make an effort to improve our communication skills.  To be clear in what we want to communicate – ‘to say what we mean, and mean what we say.’  Otherwise there is a good chance of confusion arising, which will of course lead to more mis-understandings and upsets.

When we apply our mind to some daily spiritual practice and work towards making our communication clear and honest, we will find easy solutions, and we will see changes in our relationships.

Maybe what we need to ask ourselves is: What is it that I need to change in me?  Then how can I change that?  What tools will help me to transform my old nature and habits?  What is the cure?

Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay


Aim to take up more soul power.  Fill yourself with light and love every day; do some reflective journaling; go for a walk in Nature; or whatever works for you, take up some daily meditation practice.  Actively and consciously take time out in your day to sit and power-up, We need as much soul power as we can get.  I the soul, need to take power and light downloads from the Divine One.

It’s Time … to recharge our spiritual batteries and make those silent moments powerful.

By Marion Highman and Aruna Ladva


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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Aseem Kumar

Om Shanti!
Sooo much truth in the above article. The only way to empower our Soul, is to remain connected with the Supreme Soul. Who is always online 24/7, showering His Blessings on all who seek Him with Love and Devotion.


Very nicely expressed.Offers good ideas