Want Nothing

Want Nothing


‘To want or not to want?’ That is the question that has baffled us for generations. We have even turned it into a hobby to want all sorts of things, and to run or chase after our dreams and desires. Yet there is something that does not feel quite right… should we be chasing, pursuing, and struggling for the things we want? Why should it be so difficult? Should they not come to us more easily?

The root of our pain is in the want. The wanting of attention and approval, the wanting of respect and recognition or name and fame! The wanting of material objects, luxury goods and collector’s items!

Of course there is always the question: Is this a want or a need? You might ask, what is the difference? You see, the pit of ‘want’ is never ending, it causes us to struggle, stress and strive for things that are not really soul-fulfilling. We get what we want, the gloss wears off pretty quickly, and now we are looking for the next thing! In essence, it can all be a waste of time, money and energy. Need, on the other hand, is a necessity for physical or spiritual survival.

The soul already has everything it needs inside itself. The bodily needs will be met so long as one is doing good and elevated deeds. One whose actions and karma is good will never starve, nor beg. He will receive cooperation whenever it is needed. Dadi Janki is one such example. She has no personal bank account; it is her good deeds over a long period of time that is literally feeding her.

If I have this restless urge to want more and more, then I can’t possibly be at peace. It would be like constantly running after a mirage in a desert, and always finding that it was not what it appeared to be. We have to realise that it’s the pursuit of the ‘wants’ that is making us restless and peaceless.

In an attempt to be at peace, we need to make a conscientious effort to want less and to run after less. Less implies less of everything. Next time you find yourself running after a position or some recognition, think again, will this really bring me happiness and peace?

Love - Michelle 2
Painting by Michelle Pfeiffer

There is some truth in the saying that ‘a simple life is a happy life’! If I am hoarding things for a later date, just in case I might need them, then I am not living in trust. The energy of holding onto things blocks our flow. There needs to be a faith that I will always have what I want when I need it. And that means giving away things I am not using now, so that others can make use of them and benefit from them.

To want means to become a beggar. Check yourself this week, how many things am I begging for, rather than feeling that I have a right to what the universe can offer? A better strategy is to send out the thought of what it is I require, and keep the faith and trust that whatever is needed will return to me with grace and abundance. To keep asking from a feeling of lack or unworthiness means to mistrust the universe and block the flow and synchronicity.

When I realise that I am the master of my drama and my life, than I need not want. I can trust and feel that everything comes to me at the right time. I do not need to feel insecure or fearful. I am completely aware and in awe of how the universe is tuned in to what I need. And the more I practice this mindset, the easier it becomes to achieve.

It’s time… to feel worthy and trust that our needs, and our desires, can be fulfilled. By asking and wanting we become beggars. By feeling that we have a right, we become kings.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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5 Responses to “Want Nothing”

  • James milne

    Hi Aruna,
    Thank you for another wonderful post you have just cleared up the problem I was having about the L.O.A and a chapter I read in the Gita I couldn’t match the two of them up and you have just put it in its perspective for me. I understand Dadi Janki’s situation but in the end everything is set up for her due to the good work of the B.Ks and more importantly the donations left by fellow followers, if it had not been for that then I do not think Dadi Janki would find it so easy to achieve what she is achieving now. In a perfect world it would be wonderful if we could all support one another in the same way, but in our physical reality it is just not possible due to greed and attachment. God Bless james Om Shanti

    • Hi James
      Thanks for your response.

      I dont feel Dadi is simply supported because she is part of an organisation and the donations received. Also she receives donations because people trust her to use their donation wisely and not for personal or selfish gain. She would be receiving help in others ways for sure if it were not the organisaiton. I really truly believe that if one is loving and easy and flexible and in essence filled with divine virtue then everyone would want you around and be willing to help you and support you. I can see this with parents or older folk. Some who are constantly wining and criticizing are hard to be around, than those who understand and are virtue filled.

      There is another friend of mine who is regularly visiting the Syrian people in camps along the Turkish and Lebanon border. She too is receiving donations as they trust that she will be use it well and not for personal gain. They also support her flight tkt and other expenses. So it’s not a too distant dream or utopia that I am talking about.

      But yes my point is also to create a world in which we are thinking of each other and doing for each other and giving freely without any personal motive.

      Om Shanti

  • Purnima

    Om shanti sister,
    My maximum answers I got from want nothing …
    Also learned that more obstacles comes from wanting wanting..

    Sister you have open up my eyes thank you so much…


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