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One of the most powerful techniques we can use in meditation is the power to visualise. As we visualize images and scenes, they become embedded in our memory track as if real life events, and become part of our conscious as well as subconscious mind. Visualization comes from ‘to envision’. As I create the vision in my mind, I am bringing it to life.

To visualize is more than simply imagining. If I were to tell you to imagine a door, then it would probably bring up a fairly vague picture in your mind. If I asked you to visualize yourself arriving at the front door of your home, you would most likely be able to recall in minute detail the size, shape and colour of the door; whether it was a wood or paint finish; the size and shine of the lock, the handle, etc. You may even be able to hear the sound of the key in the lock, and the creak as it opens.

A series illustrating a question, thinking of a solution and the idea to solve the problem. For larger images you can download them all separately.

The point of visualisation is that it creates something that seems very real in our mind. Our subconscious does not know the difference between something that has been visualised in glorious technicolour, and something that is ‘real’. Therefore it will accept without judgement a deeply visualized experience as something that really happened.

Some people who are trying to achieve certain goals or manifestations in their lives create ‘vision’ boards which contain photos or pictures of their desired end result. So when you see many times a day the picture of the car you desire to own, and your mind begins to accept it as a ‘reality’, then it is more likely to manifest into the world.

Thoughts Become Thinks road sign with sun background

So the message in this is that our thoughts, when combined with our ability to envision and have faith in a result, are extremely powerful. Therefore when we focus on the positive, that’s what we bring into our lives. But on the other hand, when we imagine and envision negative situations, such as recalling traumatic events or creating disaster scenarios in our head about the future then we must realize that the result of that will only be more of what we don’t want.

So let us only focus in on the good and positive and powerful and bring more of that in our lives and into the world. Each thought is sending out a signal, negative or positive, and bringing the likelihood of more of the same.

We can use this technique at any time to elevate our mood.  Sitting in traffic, you can choose to look at the skyscrapers and concrete and take in the fumes or you can decide to focus upon how the trees stand tall and elegant – strong and yet supple. You can choose to see how the blades of grass always find their way through the pavement… and notice how the birds always have something to sing about, while the open skies make you feel free. Keep these images in your mind and remember and visualise them throughout the day and draw a lesson from them for your life.

Some may question whether one is escaping reality with all this positive visualization.  Well in truth, it is the negative that is the illusion.  Just as darkness is the absence of light, so too, sorrow and distress are simply an absence of joy and lightness.  Ever wondered why we never actually feel a ‘pull’ to being miserable or gloomy?  If however, we are feeling depressed and unhappy, we will do everything in our means to pull ourselves out of the rut.

Speech balloon

In Raja Yoga Meditation we visualize ourselves as souls, points of light energy, eternal. We cannot actually see the soul as it has no physical dimensions, but when I visualize myself as a soul, I can travel to wherever I want to be, in a second. This indivisible point of subtle light energy is who I am, and within I the soul are many qualities including Peace, Love, and the potential for unlimited Happiness. I can visualise myself travelling from this physical world to my home of Peace, the place that I came from, the place that seems so familiar.  I immerse myself in this world of Peace, and feel this energy replenishing me and bringing me back to my truth. As we envision ourselves reconnecting with our original soul qualities, they begin to manifest in our everyday lives. Over time we manifest the character and personality that we most wish to embody.

If we desire to become a better person, then we must focus on the positive, and not give any energy to the negative. Likewise, if we want to bring about a better world, we need to let go of fearful and negative scenarios, and envision the world that we want to live in.

It’s Time… to realize the power of our thoughts and the power of visualization, and to use them to create the future that we want to see in reality.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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George Stephen

Om Shanti Ji
Yes I am visualizing the Relationship of GOD through friends like you.
Thank You.
George, Johor Bahru


I am really very very grateful to THE B.K Administration

Akash Kubade

Thank you sister for this wonderful reminder. Your blogs helped me a lot.
Om Shanti.

Bk Vaibhav

Its very useful tool for us… have done various applications of this in my life , got wonderful results every time….Thanks for sharing divine sister


As usual, all of your articles / blogs are so Insightful! I look forward to receiving & reading them.
In one instance I’ve borrowed some of your ideas in my class presentation.
I’d like to point out (perhaps) a tinny tiny typo in the yellow diamond sign which says “Thoughts become Thinks”. Shouldn’t this be “Thoughts become Things” ?


Thanks Arunabhenji!
very useful and inspiring…