The Seven Laws of Karma that Can Change Our Life for the Better

The Seven Laws of Karma that Can Change Our Life for the Better


Karma simply means action, and philosophy of karma also means: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  It is Newton’s third law of thermodynamics which states: that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

As we use our resources in a worthwhile way, for a higher purpose, we are sowing seeds of good deeds, and those seeds will certainly bear good fruit at their own time.  If on the other hand we waste those resources or use them malevolently, then it is like we are sowing dead seeds and therefore we will not get any return.  Good karma is an investment.  We can plant various types of seeds; some may even be weeds that don’t grow anything and only create a mess.  Some grow only one time and then they end and need to be replanted.  With other seeds you may plant them once only, and they may take time to yield but once they do, they continue to produce a healthy harvest.

We may never know whether we are sowing or reaping with our karma.  For example, when you have a car accident are you creating a new karma with the other driver?  Or is it a ‘debt’ from the past being settled?  We may never know.  All we can do is continue to sow the good seeds.  And this kind of sowing never goes to waste.

You may argue that you were justified in getting angry at someone who insulted you.  But, no.  What they did was their karma, but how you respond will be your karma.  So, act wisely.  It is very important that we at least take care of our own karma.

Let us look at the 7 laws of karma that if we adhere to wisely, can change our life for the better.

Time – ‘Use me carefully and you will always have time to do the things you want to do.’
Time is such a precious commodity.  Once a second passes by it never returns!  The measure of time has changed over the last hundred years.  As we are being asked to respond ever faster to the pings and pongs on our technology, we are being encouraged to act with haste.  If you use time in a healthy way, by being happy and sharing happiness with others, then time becomes our servant and we will always have enough time to do the things we want to do.  This is a law of karma.

Money and Wealth – ‘Use me wisely and you will always be “rich”.’
How much is a lot of wealth?  Do you think you earn enough?  Probably not!  It’s never enough.  Yet for some, even if they have a small amount of wealth it can stretch very far, because that wealth is blessed.  This is why in every faith tradition there is the notion of giving some of our wealth to charity.  As we part with this treasure with love, we create selfless acts, and these altruistic acts bring a lot of blessings and good fortune in return.  Use your wealth wisely.  Just because you have a lot, it doesn’t mean it has to be spent, but in fact spent in the right way.  Hence, the term ‘rich’ can have many meanings; one can be rich in spirit, and have a heart that has generosity while others, even having all the wealth in the world and are still misers with it.

Relationships – ‘Use me respectfully and you will always be surrounded by love and co-operation.’
Relationships too are an invaluable asset.  Some people receive all the care and love and support, while others constantly feel neglected.  Why do you think that is?  If we have first given into a relationship then that relationship, like the stock market will reap great dividends at the right time.  We always say give and then you shall receive.  It is never the other way around, although we think it is.  Be nice to others and they will surely be nice back, but sometimes it may take time to see this fruit.  The question you have to ask yourself in relationships is:  Do you want to be right or do you want to keep your peace?  Respect others.  Do not take them for granted and you will always be surrounded with love and co-operation.

Mind – ‘Use me kindly and you will always remain strong and powerful.’

 “…for there is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so.”

From Shakespeare’s Hamlet

These words were spoken by the wise Shakespeare. So there is no right or wrong, but how we think that makes it that way.  If I think negatively or positively, it is I who is the first one to get affected.  I am the first person to benefit from my positivity and the first to be hurt by my negativity.  So, you are not really doing anyone a favour by being positive; only yourself.  A strong mind is a healthy mind.  It can make clear decisions.  It is wise and confident.  Be kind to your mind and not harsh and it will always remain your strong and powerful ally.

Body – ‘Use me actively and you will always remain healthy.’
If you don’t ‘use it, you lose it’ – is a common expression.  As we exercise all the muscles of the body we make them stronger.  We cannot expect the body to be healthy if we are stationary in one place all day long.  But th

ere is another aspect to using the body here.  As we volunteer, act in service, and give our time and energy freely to helping others, there is a greater joy experienced.  Karma states that if I have been standing helping others, then my legs will co-operate with me when I am in need.  If my hands have been serving meals all day long, then they too will help me when I need them most.

Nature and the Elements – ‘Use me humbly and you will always have abundance and flow.’We seem to think that we are Nature’s dictator, when in actual fact, Nature is dictating to us.  If She chooses, She need not feed us, or rain (or reign!) over us, or provide us with sunlight, yet Nature provides these things for us every day.  We cannot control matter, it controls us.  Therefore, it is we who need to be humble to matter and the elements.  If we respect Mother Nature, She will be kind to us.  If we disrespect Her then She can show Her ferocity.  Again, like above, I am creating my own personal karma with matter.  If someone throws an empty can of drink out of their car window, it doesn’t mean I need to follow suit!  That is their karma, let me find a safe place to recycle my trash.

God – ‘Use Me lovingly and you will always be loved.’
Finally, this is the time to create good karma with God.  Be His helper, by doing what He would do, that is to be kind and courageous wherever and whenever it is needed.  We tend to expect a lot from Him, begging Him to do this and that for us.  But first, what are we doing for Him?  Do not get angry on Him.  He has not created the world as it is today.  If God is the Creator, then would He create such a world of pain and sorrow with disasters and tragedies?  I don’t’ think so.  Therefore, let’s give God some credit.  Let us love Him and appreciate Him.  He is there so that we can take power from Him to create good karma for ourselves.  He cannot simply jump into our lives and fix everything for us.  For if He did, then He would have to fix the lives of all the 8 billion souls!!  Because He is the fair and just One.  God helps those who help themselves first.

On a closing note, we may think we can escape from the security cameras, the police or the judicial system, but we will never escape from our karma.  Karma is the ultimate universal justice system.  It takes care of everyone’s actions.  This means that we don’t need to become the law unto our self.  For each one will be served what they have ‘ordered’, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter.

It’s time… to see how actually the laws of karma work with all time.  When God looks through the lens of eternity, knowing all time, He understands all the patterns of this beautiful world.  God is fully aware of how the tapestry of the universe is held together.  Let us begin to see the world through God’s eyes.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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Vinod B K

My habits, and nature controlling me..


Wonderful and if I mention it made me realise the value of people that are a part of my life…..