The Drama of Life – Seeing Benefit in the Game

The Drama of Life – Seeing Benefit in the Game

 “Often we don’t understand the scenes that unfold in front of us. Keep faith that life will give its explanation in time. Tell your mind.

‘Just wait and see.’”

Dadi Janki

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Whether we have noticed it or not, we have all experienced in our lives that sometimes things happen for the best.  Despite our own efforts, or should we say interference, when we can let go and go with the flow then things turn out to be for our benefit.  It may not look like it, yet the turn of events, or we can call it a diversion on our pathway, can often be a blessing in disguise.

In our retreat this weekend at the Global Retreat Centre, we explored how in the Drama, (the Drama of Life), events would unfold that were in some way beneficial to us in our life.

There were a number of people who shared their different stories.  Here I will recount a few of them.

A flight landing in Heathrow when all airports were closed.

A chain of events unfolding to create the perfect setting to give a message of peace.

Losing a suitcase.   When something seemed “wrong”, that actually turned out to be the “right” thing that happened.  This was because sharing the contents of the suitcase would have been inappropriate at the beginning of the meeting, but was perfect at the end when the ice had been broken between all.

Missing a flight and being unable to go to the event … which was too political and inappropriate to attend.

Waiting apprehensively for a job for a long time.  Then finally finding the right one, and the perfect position very quickly.

How many times have we found that a “wrong” turn of events, was really protecting or guiding us?  However, the important thing is not to be surprised by these events when they happen, but to be aware of them before or as we are going through the event.

If we can hold that mind-set from the offset, then we are able to stay calm and cool. It’s an enlightened soul who can truly trust their future enough to know that whatever happens will be for the soul’s betterment and not its detriment.

When we fight and scream then nothing changes, but if we are able to remain steady and stable, then everyone begins to co-operate with us including the elements and the Universe.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Life is about learning and those lessons come to us in a variety of ways.  It is simply about having faith and trust in the Drama of Life, that if I keep myself in alignment with the Divine and the spiritual laws which govern the Universe, that at the right time and in the right way things will definitely work out for me.

Our problem is that we are somewhat impatient to see the results.  But this is the key, that patience and calmness of nature enables the Universe to deliver to us things in a timely manner.  It is our very own lack of patience and holding onto the expectation that things should be a certain way, “my way”, that we end up getting stuck.

The purpose of the Drama of Life is to keep us moving along.  Where there is no movement there will be stagnation and death, so we have to keep flowing with the current, the wave of life.  The more we come from a place of good heart, not to give sorrow, nor to take sorrow, and with the intention that others should not experience any loss from my actions, then we place our feet on the path which brings benefit to all of us.  So when I hold the thought of bringing benefit, then the pathways open to give and also receive those things which are of benefit in life.

We like to watch sports and enjoy the games being played out on the field, whether it is soccer, tennis, rugby or whichever type of sport, we enjoy because we know it is a game.  The players on the pitch take the rough and tumble as being part of the game, this is part of the contract of being a player.  If I am hit by the ball, I need not get upset, sulk and walk off the field.  It’s all part of the game.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

We have to create this same mind-set for ourselves that we too are players, and each inter-action we have with others is just part of the game.  The test for us is to not get attached to the game, the outcome or the other players.  It comes back to the famous saying: That the important thing is not about winning in the game, but how we play on the field.  Our life is the field of action, set upon the stage of the world.  We can all take time to check ourselves to see: Are we playing with grace, honour and dignity?

Stay happy, no matter what

How?  Have patience.

Why?   Patience allows you to step into inner silence.

And … Silence builds inner power.

This creates … tolerance and resilience.

Resilience … gives you the strength to stay happy, no matter what.

Then it’s easy to think: “No problem!”

Whatever is happening is good.

Whatever will happen, will be even better.”

Dadi Jankiji

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

When we have an attitude of learning, then we play the game of life well.  We understand that there is some benefit, which involves growth and learning, even if at the present moment the true benefit has not yet been revealed.  Keep moving forward in life with the belief that there is benefit within the game and let’s adopt the attitude of “No problem!”

It’s Time… to trust in the game of life and get ready for that next ball that may come your way.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK






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Andre Young

Insightful and with lots of clarity, purity and foresight.

Aseem Kumar

What a lovely way of telling a story, that of Drama of Life, embellished and ornamented as if with jewels, to form a necklace, a poem so sublime and true, that is bound to uplift the most sagging heart.
Om Shanti!


Absolutely true. Looking back my personal journey, it is absolutely true how takeing a “wrong” decision or missing a bus, evetually and “unexpectedly” lead to something I really desire. The universe knows :))