The Authority of Experience

The Authority of Experience


Experience in life is priceless.  One should not underestimate the power and authority of one’s experience.  In every area of our life experience is necessary for us to make accurate decisions and to be able to help others.  If we can develop the attitude of learning from our experiences then we will more easily grow in our personal confidence and authority.

Does experience only mean BTDT (been there and done that)?  Or does it mean much more than that?  Take for example if you have to travel somewhere by yourself.  Once you arrive, then you may have to make your way to the hotel.  The first time you do this you may feel nervous, uncertain, and fearful.  But how would you feel if you had to repeat everything the following week?  You would have a spring in your stride! For now you know exactly how to get the taxi, and how much to pay and the route there.  Each time you get more and more confident.  Now when you speak to the taxi driver there is a tone of confidence in your voice.  You begin to speak like a native and not a tourist.

From the practice not only physical experience is gained,
but an innate wisdom, faith and joy is born in the soul.

Similar examples might be learning to work the appliances in the kitchen or at home.  Once you know how to work them, the job gets done faster and with more ease.  Or learning a new skill or hobby such as carpentry or mountain climbing; you get to know the shortcuts; you start to relax into it and you begin to enjoy it.  From the practice not only physical experience is gained, but an innate wisdom, faith and joy is born in the soul.

You can see this clearly in individuals who have no qualifications for a particular job.  But it is evident they have the confidence of experience in that field, and they have become masters in their own right because of their authority. Sometimes they can even teach us a thing or two!  As an employer who would you choose?  The person with the paper qualifications or the one with the hands on authority of experience?

The same is true for becoming experienced on the spiritual path.  Whether it’s waking up in the early hours of the morning to meditate; or deepening yoga experiences; being a karma yogi all day or coming closer to God; it’s all about experience and with enough experience gained, it becomes an authority.

Experience is derived from willpower plus discipline.  Sometimes we can have the willpower, but what happens if there is no discipline?  Or we might have the discipline, but no willpower to learn and grow, then it will be difficult to gain experience, and there will certainly be no authority of experience.  By reading a book we do not instantly become a knowledgeful expert, it is a process of learning, of digesting and assimilating it.  To learn how to ride a bicycle, books can help us, but only the practice will perfect us and give us the authority of experience.



‘I am a peaceful soul’; is a point of knowledge, a fact, or truth.  But once I become the embodiment of that by practising that point of knowledge, I begin to become it.  Thereafter, I no longer need to remind myself or tell others, I have become it, and I will radiate that peace.  Others will say to me: ‘You are a peaceful soul!’  And once that happens, I simply need to move onto the next point and turn that into experience.

In this way I gradually become the authority of experience, so even if someone says: ‘You are not peaceful’.  Then what do you say? ‘Yes, I am peaceful! I have experienced peace!’  It is the same as when someone says: ‘Sugar is not sweet.’ What do you reply?  OH, YES IT IS! Because you have experienced sugar to be sweet a zillion times!

If someone calls us by another name, we will not look.  But as soon as they say our name, even though they are calling someone else, our head will turn.  This is because that identity is deeply engrained into us, and so we naturally respond.  The awareness of our spiritual identity needs to be engrained in the soul just as deeply.

Points need to turn into power, to become our second nature, not just an option.


Points need to turn into power, to become our second nature, not just an option.  As we come into our own being and feel our spirituality more than our physicality, we begin to gain spiritual authority.

This inner authority places us firmly
on our seat of self-respect.

This inner authority places us firmly on our seat of self-respect.  This authority enables us to work with virtues and shed the vices as they become obsolete in our life; this gives us the confidence to try new skill sets that we had never imagined possible; to adventure into new areas of social service that we had been avoiding; providing the power to create more good karma so that we can become lighter and burden free.  In fact the list is endless.

It’s Time… to become wise.  True wisdom does not just mean to be simply intelligent or smart, but to naturally apply that innate wisdom and authority of the soul.  So that no one ever questions your peacefulness again!


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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