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Why do the yogis go and sit high up on a mountain top?  It’s not just because the ‘wireless connection’ to God is much better up there!  But because they choose NOT be a part of this materialist system.  We have to relinquish all desires if we are to be truly free and uncontrolled.

Given that there are many conspiracy theories floating around out there, it might do us good to hear a few of them, just to give us a different perspective.  So, everything is not as it seems.  For those who are conspiring against humanity, here’s what I would like to say to them:

  • That your plan could not possibly be bigger and better than God’s plan!
  • That everyone reaps what they sow. If there are malevolent forces creating the virus for the purposes of supreme power, then the day of pay back will come. Hence the Karmic Law of sowing and reaping, and Drama – all those events that unfold in the universe, will take care of everyone; the good and the bad.

…because we are in panic and fear…
so our greatest fears take birth

Conspiracy theories claim that there is a small group of people calling the big shots, creating terror and controlling the world with fear and negativity.  I don’t believe it is the job of a single group of people as much as it is a mass consciousness that is attracting what we most fear. We create the problems by the way we think, we want the solutions, because we are in panic and fear, and so our greatest fears take birth.  And then we say, we are right; there is someone out there conspiring against us.  But what was the cause of that manifestation?  Our unconscious state of living, where our attention is distracted by the inane and a call to superficial living… and one day we discover that we are no longer awake or aware.

The experience after 9/11 created so much fear, such that we were willing to give up a certain amount of our freedom in exchange for a ‘sense’ of safety and protection.  The same will be true after Covid-19.  Things will not be the same.  So the pattern it seems is as follows… a problem is ‘created’, fear is instilled, and individuals slowly lose more and more of their freedom with each new wave of a ‘problem’.  Yet this happens, because we do not take charge of our own life.  Now we need to take control of our life, by consciously considering the impact of the choices we are making with our thoughts, feelings and actions.


Don’t buy into the fear…

Spiritual people understand that there is no physical security anywhere, ever.  There is only soul security.  I am a soul, eternal, no fire can burn me, no water can drown me, no sword can cut me and no virus can infect me.  I am eternal and immortal.  I am pure.  I am… and my eternal form is always as a bright radiant light.  We need to remind ourselves of this daily and many times a day.

I am a soul, eternal,
no fire can burn me,
no water can drown me,
no sword can cut me,
and… no virus can infect me. 

Peace and Love
We can all make a conscious choice by stepping outside of the influence of the mass consciousness, and the first and foremost way is to STOP SPREADING THE FEAR!  Don’t buy into the fear.  Yes, take sensible precautions, and clean up your act (and your hands), but do so as a master and not as a slave.  Be at peace.  Trust.  Love is the opposite of fear.  Love everything that is happening and there will be easy acceptance of it.  No resistance.  Resistance creates fear and stress.  Calm down and soothe those adrenals

Simplicity is royalty

Be Simple
Don’t chase the fashion houses.  That is exactly what they want you to do, to “follow”.  Instead, start your own fashion trend of simplicity and minimalism.  What did Gandhi do back in the 1940’s?  He began weaving his own cotton, just to make a statement of self-independence.  So, although we can’t all weave our own clothes, let us at least not give our power away to the trend setters.  Not to be just simple in our clothes, but by being simple in our lifestyles.  Need less, so you buy less, so there is less demand and less is produced.  All this creates a huge karmic load on the soul.  The more I need, the more I deplete the planet, and that is a personal account I am creating with the planet and Mother Nature.  And that doesn’t help the cycle of insecurity.  Simplicity is royalty.

You have to trust that you are abundant and that you will always have enough.

One of the offshoots of fear is the panic buying.  Here in England, in some shops a lot of shelves are empty.  If the toilet roll arrives in the morning, it’s all gone by 10.00 am. There are queues of people outside the stores starting from 6.00 or 7.00 am.  You have to trust that you are abundant and that you will always have enough.

There is a saying in Hindi: “Seve karo to meva milenga.”  If you serve you get the fruits.  In London, most shopkeepers give medical staff priority for shopping during an early hour before the normal opening times.  Hence, give to the universe, serve, share, be kind and generous, kindness always pays off.  Trust in your good karma and the universe will provide.

We can make our inner world larger than our outer world.

Choose to ‘Be’ Happy
In a state of self-mastery we are HAPPY.  WE are in control.  WE, not THEM, are in charge of our life, as we CHOOSE our DESTINY with the QUALITY OF OUR THOUGHTS.  This is why we need to meditate and take quiet time to reflect and recharge our batteries of the soul.  ‘The System’ does not like happy people.  ‘The System’ likes complainers and criticisers, and discontented people because these people make good consumers!!  We can make our inner world larger than our outer world.  We can stay cheerful and cultivate our inner world.

Image by Devanath from Pixabay

There is no fear
in the present moment.

Stay in the Moment
Most of the fear at present is because we are worried about what may happen, what could happen, what will happen, what has happened…  But what is happening right now, in this moment?  There is no fear in the present moment.  Right now many of us are well and in good health, and enjoying the free time we have been given.  Let us learn to stay in the moment of now…now and now… with every breath, let there be deeper and deeper gratitude for this moment.

Listen to Your Inner Voice
Stop listening to the media and listen to your inner voice.  There are as many opinions out there as there are people.  Even the facts keep changing every day.  One day they say the bugs are NOT airborne and the next day they say they ARE!  What does your intuition say?  It will say: Steer clear and be at peace.

…hear the calm still voice of intuition

Talk less, learn to go within and be at peace.  Create your own positive and uplifting news moments every day by doing joyous and positive things.  We need to learn to discern more, be selective about the news channels we are ingesting and keep our line clear so that we can hear the calm still voice of intuition.

Be grateful…

Look After Your Health and ‘Be’ Well
What can we do?  We can do things that support our health and well-being.  Start with boosting your immune system.  Any virus cannot attack a healthy immune system.  Begin a plant based diet and eat healthily.  Fast. Cut the sugars. Drink lots of water, take more vitamin C and vitamins, exercise, rest well and make happy choices that support our being well.  Use our time more constructively and appreciate the good people that we have in our life.  For a start we can be more grateful for what Mother Nature provides for us.

Boost your immunity…

It’s Time… to take charge of our own mind and our own health, and to learn to appreciate more… all the gifts of life.




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