Resilience Not Resignation

Resilience Not Resignation



Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

It can be quite disheartening to hear the many stories lately of the trials and tribulations of people around the world.  Whether someone is alone, or they have lost their job, and may even have suffered some form of loss.  In one girl’s sad story her boyfriend left her during total lockdown…  So, much for support and sticking together!  Do not become resigned to the situation at hand, because now is the time to start to develop that inner resilience.  We need to keep our mind clear and focused, and we must try to build up our inner strength, look beyond today and tomorrow.  At this time I encourage you all to find your inner peace.

We have all heard these types of sayings many times, that every problem is an opportunity in disguise and… “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  But of course, this is extremely difficult to remember when we are in the thick of the problem.  But we must try and see the positives; we want to get out of this blip without feeling like we are going crazy.

In the same way, lessons come to teach us something in life.  For if students did not get the tests and exams, then how would they know how far they had progressed?  So too, life sends us a test here and there, and it really is for us to look inside.  We have to fix ourselves from inside out and not try and fix the situation, or person, from outside in.  If we can take this approach, we can be ahead of the game, we can be prepared for the tests, so that we can pass them fully.

And how do we know we are passing the test?  When we can keep hold of our real nature: that is our virtues.  When we are still the masters of our virtues and powers and are not enslaved to our vices.  Then we can continue being at peace with ourselves, others and situations.  When we can continue being happy, then the love and compassion can keep flowing from our hearts.  That’s when we know we are doing well and we have not allowed sorrow to cast a shadow over our life.

Once we become victims of our drama, we become disheartened and hopeless.  Then we no longer have the power to deal with the situation, we are forever waiting for the saviour to come along and rescue us.  Then we may even become resigned to the situation and give in and give up entirely.

We may complain to God, we may fight with Him, we may lose trust in Him and then we may say that we can no longer carry on.  We call upon God saying that He now has to step in and help us out!  And what can God reply to that?  Is that the only reason that we call God?  Just when we are in trouble!?  Actually we ourselves would not want to be in such a relationship that was so ‘conditional’ and demanding.  Why should it be any different for God?  Does God not also have His self-respect to maintain?  I used to hear my mum say many times: “Everyone remembers God in sorrow and not when in happiness.”  And isn’t that so true.  But when we surrender the situation and our ‘need to control’, to God, this is actually when we can experience a sense of freedom and things start to sort themselves out.

So, firstly we need to find that inner peace.  Talk to our higher self.  Talk to God by all means… note the word ‘talk’… and not complain!  And somehow take responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings at least, and take charge of our self.  This in my opinion, can only come, when I am at peace with what happened or is happening.  From that point, I begin to get clarity and understanding… and then I am able to fill myself with power.  As I accumulate more inner power, this gives me the drive to do that which I deem is right and in alignment to my values.  And in this spirit, I pass with honours.

Image by msandersmusic from Pixabay

It is good to look at what comes after the ‘lockdown’ has been lifted.  We should make an effort to maintain the positives that we have taken from this time.

Let peace of mind be your motto for life
Stay in your power
Practice affirmations and meditation to maintain alignment
Connect with Nature
Maintain a healthy lifestyle… by choice!
Look after the people who are important in your life
Appreciate more in life with an ‘attitude of gratitude’
Let your mind be filled with kindness and good thoughts and feelings
Let your actions reflect virtues in your life

It’s Time… to build up our inner resilience.  To become masters of our virtues and powers and not slaves to our vices.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK




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