Pain-full to Peace-full

Pain-full to Peace-full

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Physical pain is not a nice experience.  It is the body’s way of saying that something is not right and needs to be changed or fixed.

Emotional pain may be more difficult to deal with. A broken heart may take longer to heal than a broken leg!  This kind of pain can sometimes ‘make us or break us’, depending upon how we deal with it We can go down into the depths of sorrow, or we can rise above it.

Pain can sometimes make the one experiencing it a bitter person.  This bitterness can be tasted through their words and behavior as they lose peace over the matter.

There can be many arrows of pain that can strike the heart.  We can take pain from almost anything. From someone’s tone of voice, from the way someone looks at us, or doesn’t, thinks of us or doesn’t.  With every arrow of pain that hits the heart, the heart weakens. The heart closes up, the flow of love stops and we begin to become cynical.  We begin to mistrust people.  Eventually we can no longer recognize genuine love coming our way.

If someone has hurt us, we feel betrayed by them. We then end up talking about them and criticizing them to others. It’s almost as though our revenge for them hurting us, is to spoil their character in the eyes of others. Betrayal makes us crazy and nasty.  It brings out the worst in us.

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Rather than carrying on being resentful, it’s much better to learn the lessons of pain. Nothing comes to us without a reason, and there is usually some benefit merged in the experience. We can begin to look inside and gently ask, ‘Why did I take this on board?’ ‘Could I have dealt with this differently?’ and perhaps most importantly, ‘What have I learned from this experience and how will it influence how I would deal with it if it happened again?’. If we take time to understand and learn the lessons, then rather than playing the victim each time, we come out stronger and bolder.

We need to realise that if we feel like a victim, it is only ourselves who make us that. People may talk about us, may oppose us, dislike us, but why should that spoil my relationship with myself? Why should I give away my peace and happiness?

Ego is the culprit here. It is our own ego that makes us sensitive and weak. To a greater or lesser extent we either think too highly of ourselves, or we think we are not worthy. Either of these extremes will cause us to create pain for ourselves when the going gets tough. As we travel along on our spiritual journey, we begin to regain our real self-respect, and the impact of the causes of pain will begin to lessen.


Those who have understood the secrets of seeing pain as a messenger, can come through strong, positive and happy. It takes a powerful mind and a courageous heart to see the pain, learn from it, and let go, but this is the way that we grow strong. With a different mindset we may even find it a positive experience! This may seem to be a very high destination, yet the peace and power that it brings is well worth the effort.

What do we want to have as our last memory as we leave this life, is it one of pain and revenge, or tranquility and peace?

It’s time… to turn pain into peace




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Very helpful

james milne

Hi Aruna,
Thank you for another great post I love the wisdom that you give us, I have noticed that you have taken the share buttons out of your Blog now and I am not sure if I am allowed to share your wisdom with others anymore.

peace and light

Usha Kanan (malaysia)

Dear sister Aruna .. om shanti

“As we travel along on our spiritual journey, we begin to regain our real self-respect, and the impact of the causes of pain will begin to lessen ..
It takes a powerful mind and a courageous heart to see the pain, learn from it, and let go, but this is the way that we grow strong.” .. yes indeed

Our last memory as we leave this life, .. tranquility and peace ..

Sohan Joshi

It’s nice to hear someone in the world is still trying to expose kinds of pain and trying to clear those pains whether it’s a pain of heart or any bodily pain