• Be a Guest in the World

    We all come into this world thinking we are here to stay forever!  Well guys, let me be the one to break the news to you… We are all guests in this world and will one day need to pack up our bags and baggage and depart!  And that too can often be at short notice!

  • Are We in a Coma?

    The world is changing rapidly… and we must change also.  It is quite a dilemma for everyone to make a choice.  With so many causes to fight for in order to save planet Earth, where do we begin?  Without further ado, let us begin here and now with whatever little knowledge and common sense we still have.

    At times, I feel we are in a coma.  Completely oblivious to how we are abusing and using up planet Earth.  We take and throw, use and abuse without a second thought.  We have definitely become a ‘consumer’ society!

  • Sorrow Makes Us Bitter People

    As we experience sorrow, we feel justified in giving others sorrow. And even if we are not giving sorrow to the one who gave us sorrow we are still giving sorrow to others.

    Simply by the number of times we speak of that sorrow to others and wallow in it, we are giving sorrow to those around us who care for our welfare and only wish for our happiness.  They are affected because they have heard the story of sorrow, and their attachment to us makes that sorrow stick to them in some way.  Their vision and interaction with that other person will now change, because of us, maybe they had no personal issue with this person themselves, but now this virus has started to spread.  Is this not how conflict and wars begin given enough time and energy?

  • Beauty Does not Hate

    When it comes to measuring beauty, we all have mixed opinions about it.  What is black may be preferred by one, whilst what is white may be liked by another, and then there is the grey camp in between!  One thing I think we can agree upon is that there is beauty everywhere we look, anyone can find something to love and appreciate around and within them!

  • Making Mountains into Molehills

    Many people have the habit of making molehills into mountains.  They like to amplify things, giving them more weight than necessary and making them bigger than life.  But does this type of attitude and vision really serve us?

    How many times have we found ourselves fretting about small situations that don’t really matter that much at all?

  • Practice Paying Forward

    We can see this quite clearly with traffic on the road. We stop and let some stranger out and they join the traffic flow.  Then later when we need to make a turn onto the road, someone else – another stranger will let us in.  Of course, if we have the ego mind-set and think:  Why should I let him/her in?  Then we know that further down the line no-one will give us an inch or a finger of help when we need some co-operation, no one will give way. 

  • Expectations Become Future Resentments

    Expectations are a funny thing!  Isn’t it often the case that things happen that you ’don’t necessarily expect’ to happen?  And don’t things happen that you ‘do expect to happen’, that is that you ‘want’ to happen!  Is it as simple as thinking about something that causes that thing or event to happen?  Can we just ‘will’ something to happen?  Or is there some other mechanism underlying this conundrum?

  • Fixing a Broken Heart

    “To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” Bess Myerson.To ‘fall’ in love is simple.  Why?  Because gravity says so!  But to pull one-self out of the pit of pain, takes time, courage and self-respect.  Although hearts can be broken due to a number reasons, we will focus on the heartache caused because of the loss of a loved one which could be due to divorce, separation or death.

  • Handling Defamation… Can You?

    So, therefore think twice before reacting to what someone says.  If we react, it means we have accepted the criticism, and have begun preparing for a legal battle, however subtle, to defend our self!  If we ignore it, our silence may have more power than the words which were wielded at us in the first place!

  • Be Blessed

    This week, I would like you to pick a number from 1-30 and by doing that you will read to yourself the blessing (below) corresponding to that number.   Really feel it.  It has come to your freely.  It has come to your timely.  It is a reminder of who you are already.   Blessings are not something we should have to work towards… blessings are blessings.   They remind us of why we are here.  Blessings help us to oil the wheels of our life.