• Welcome to 2020!

    ‘20/20 Vision’ is a term used for the eyes to express clarity and sharpness, we call this having perfect vision.  If you have 20/20 vision you can see clearly from a distance of 20 feet.  I wish for everyone to have not just perfect physical sight, but also for the third eye to have the power of perfect inner vision, to be able to see what is unfolding and see how each of us needs to respond.  Not just in our personal lives, but as we deal with the changes in the wider world too.  Big changes are upon us all.

  • The Authority of Experience

    If someone says: ‘You are not peaceful’.  Then what do you say? ‘Yes, I am peaceful! I have experienced peace!’  It is the same as when someone says: ‘Sugar is not sweet.’ What do you reply?  OH, YES IT IS! Because you have experienced sugar to be sweet a zillion times!

  • Are You Being a Copy Cat?

    Fashion is just a sophisticated form of copying… we see what is ‘in’ and want to dress in the same way.  Just to keep up with ‘them’!  Who are these fashionable people anyway?  They may be well dressed, but are they happy?  Are they content?  So why are we following them?  And when someone doesn’t copy, we too give them all sorts of names… unfashionable, old fashioned, antique and even a fossil!  Why not start your own fashion – of simplicity.

  • Do You Have a Certificate?

    How do we get this degree from life?  By being virtuous.  By being tolerant and patient.  By being kind and compassionate.  By being content and not demanding.  Then these blessings will come from the heart.  They will be given automatically as the soul feels the purity of our intention.  From this place we do not need to chase after or beg for blessings!

  • Surfing the Turbulent Tides of Life

    We know that gravitational forces are at work when we look at the ocean and watch the tides going in and out.  The subtle energies are also at work when we observe our inner tides of thoughts and feelings as they go high and low.  Just as the pull of the moon is not obvious to the human eye, so too, the subtle energies that push and pull our moods are not obvious to us. 

  • Don’t Worry – It’s Not Personal

    Sometimes we can be super-sensitive and ‘perceive’ some slight against us, (where none is intended), and then we take things personally!  What has happened to our power in that moment?  We do not seem to have any inner peace or inner power anymore.  Where and how did we lose it?  And is it possible to reclaim that power?

  • Effective or Defective?

    The defect begins actually in our thoughts… this is why it is so important to watch the quantity and quality of our thinking.  This leads to a decision which leads to action, which shapes our personality and creates our destiny!  So it is good to check our own mind, check for any virus and negative thinking patterns.  We can see if the seed of thought is flawed by what the tree and fruits are like.

  • Exploring and Connecting with Our World

    Exploring and Connecting with Our World   Everything in life speaks to us in some way or the other, it signals us towards something.  I heard a poem in Hindi this morning in which the poet was speaking about our relationship with things.  He said: the clock reminds us to use every minute wisely; the Continue reading »

  • Shine Your Inner Light – Happy Diwali

    As we celebrate Diwali this year, the festival of lights, let it be with that awareness of lighting up our inner light and ensuring it stays lit!  We will find that our light has blown out when we have given away our power to situations; when we complain; take sorrow and when we get upset and moody.  Our light remains lit when we stay happy, light and flexible, humorous, loving, carefree, easy and content.