• Have We Lost Our Mind?

    There are millions of people in China who ARE NOT AFFECTED by the virus. Why is that? There must be a reason? So why should I think, that it will come to me? Why are our minds gripped by so much fear? Actually, we are suffering from a pandemic, but it is a pandemic of fear!! What has happened to our rational thinking and self-mastery? Has common sense completely evaporated?

  • Who is in Bondage to Who or What?

    So truly who is in charge of who or what? We are supposed to live in harmony with matter, Nature and other souls. We are not meant to dominate anything, the only thing we need to control is our own mind. The moment I think I am in control, then I am the slave. Remember that the one who is free is the master.

  • What’s the Point?

    What is the point of practicing a religion if that practice does not give us the strength to control our desires, ego and anger?  What is the point of all those prestigious degrees and name tags, if they do not give us good manners and the self-control to manage our own tongue and emotions? 

  • Simply Love

    Love is an elusive state of being that has enchanted, enraptured and tormented many a lover throughout time.  This single four-letter word has the power to conquer hearts and minds when shared, or break a heart or two when not given.

    Almost every heart is in search of it, and if we do not find it in the ‘significant other’ then our attention goes to our friendships, food, fashion, fads and fragrance as we look hard and fast to quench that thirst.  Why is that?  Because love is the essence of our being, because in fact we are love.

  • Virtues Give Us Happiness

    There was an interesting university study in which students were asked to spend 20 dollars.  Half the group were told to spend the money on themselves, and the other half were told to spend it on others.  Guess which people felt happier?  The ones who spent the money on others were far happier than those who spent it on themselves. 

  • Beware of Deception

    Deception and the fake seems to be everywhere we go.  When we buy flowers, they are not all as fresh as they look.  When we buy oranges in crates or Medjool dates in boxes, often the big and best ones are at the top and at the bottom are the small and unhealthy ones.  When we get into a taxi some of the metres are misleading and fixed… One day I complained to the taxi guy… and then his reply was: “Pay as you normally pay.”  Which meant he knows he is cheating me and couldn’t get away with it! 

  • Book Your Life… Place Your Order in Advance

    When it comes to having dinner at the restaurant then you always book a table in advance.  When it comes to travelling by plane, you also need to reserve your seat and buy your ticket in advance.  So how about reserving the life that you want… in advance?

  • Leading by Example – Brahma Baba

    Dada came to recognize that despite becoming rich and famous, that above everything else it was important to become pure and make the soul pure once again.  There are so many people aspiring to become professional athletes, professional celebrities, professional chefs etc., but how many of us think of becoming ‘professionally pure’!  This is one thing Brahma Baba focused on and finally attained what we define as the angelic stage.

  • Be Happy

    There does not need to be a ‘reason’ for happiness.  When I say: “I am happy because… I can now drive, or I got a new car; because I have a new hair style; because I graduated; because I got married…” What does that imply?  That I was not happy before?  And if I am happier now, then will that state last or, am I simply waiting for the next hit to make me happy… again!  In real deep happiness, there is no ‘because’, there is just being happy. Pure happy.  Happy and eternally happy!