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Emotional Belief

More than just an expectation, a belief goes much deeper. We carry these beliefs around with us all the time. They govern the way we live our life. Our beliefs determine what we expect from life, and if we don’t get what we expect, or believe that we deserve, we may experience disappointment or anger. Because we totally believe in our belief, we will fight for it, argue about it, and feel that it is our right to have things the way our belief says we should.


As I looked at these saints, they had no silk ties, polished shoes, Rolex watches or woven suits. They were naked, completely naked.  No one could tell one of them apart from another.  There was no jostling for position or attention. And they didn’t seem slightest bit concerned about how people judged them: they were comfortable in their own skins, they knew who they were and what they stood for, and they were visibly content.

10 Spiritual Lessons from Your Smart Phone

10 Don’t make the cell phone your world The phone may bring the world to you, but is not a substitute for real life. Used wisely the cellphone is a great asset and an almost indispensible device in the world today. Used recklessly it can fry your brain and seriously damage human relationships, regardless of how smart it is, or how many contacts you have on What’s App. We suggest that rather than using every spare moment to scroll through ‘facebook’, turn to the face next to you and have a real conversation.



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