• Lessons in Life – The Choluteca Bridge

    Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to survival in any age, and that includes our modern age.  The only constant is change and if we cannot change, then we, like the Choluteca Bridge will become something of a relic from the past.

  • Sending Love and Light to Lebanon

    When we live in a world where there are already so many natural calamities, let us try to avoid accidents where we can.  This seems to be the most logical thinking.  But since we moved into the 21st century this appears not to be the case, it seems that our logic has gone ‘out to lunch’.  What has happened to our common sense?

  • Raksha Bandhan – The Bond of Love and Protection

    Raksha Bandhan (RB) is a Hindu festival that comes around once a year during the month of August.  Set in a spiritual context, RB is a beautiful silent ceremony that connects us with God in a most meaningful and subtle way.  It reminds us of our original purity that is at the core of our being.

  • Imagine… Is One Life Enough?

    Indeed, we become aware that we are the sum result of everything that has happened to us in our lifetime.  We cannot just live in this life, assuming we are not responsible; that we do not know about the causes, or cures for what is happening in our life.

  • Humility – An Expression of Self Respect

    We forget that humility is one of the latent virtues and powers of the soul.  There is no loss in humility, there can only be gain; actually it is a state of power within the soul.  Humility can only come from a steady and stable place of self-respect, inner soul respect really, which is based on a true knowledge and experience of the self, not as the body, but as a pure consciousness.  That is who we all are in our essence, now is the time for us to live from that place of awareness of being pure consciousness.

  • Bhavna…  Pure Feelings from the Heart

    Bhavna transcends the limitations of the material world because we make a heart to heart connection. Now is the time to come back into our natural state of bhavna, and to live from the heart with simplicity and love.  Maybe this is why those ancient lands carry a vibration that attracts us to them, because the energy of bhavna is still present there in those countries, in such a way that the energy vibrations feel transcendent.

  • अविश्‍वसनीय भारत (Incredible India – The Brighter Side in Hindi)

    आज सोशल डिसटेंसिग के समय में नमस्‍ते करना बिल्‍कुल सही है और राष्‍ट्रपतियों और राजाई घराने के लोगों को भी इसकी आदत पड गई है । अगर हम आत्‍मा की स्‍मृति से आत्‍मा को नमस्‍ते कहते हैं, यह समझ कर कि यह अभिवादन प्रत्‍येक प्राणी को आदर और सत्‍कार देने के लिए है, तो सोशल डिसटैंसिग की समस्‍या समाप्‍त हो जाती है ।
    नमस्‍ते एक संस्‍कृत का शब्‍द है जो कि दो शब्‍दों से मिलकर बना है , ‘नमस’ और ‘ते’ । नमस का अर्थ है ‘झुकना’ और ते का अर्थ है ‘आपको’ । इसलिए, नमस्‍ते का अर्थ है: “मैं आपके समक्ष झुकता हूँ” “मैं आपकी महानता के आगे झुकता हूँ ।” या, “मैं आपके आदर में आपके आगे झुकता हूँ ।”

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Great Relationships

    Do’s and Don’ts of Great Relationships Don’t criticise Do compliment It’s so easy to criticise others and see the 1% that is missing or not going right, rather than to see the 99% that is going so well.  Studies show that as we compliment others, their confidence grows, they make fewer mistakes and they are Continue reading »

  • In Celebration of Yoga

    I would like to reflect upon how often yoga and meditation have principles in common. In Sanskrit the meaning of yoga means to ‘unite’ or to ‘connect’.  Physical yoga, tends to deal with exercises that stretch and strengthen the body, and meditation focuses more on the spiritual aspects of life.  For each modality to be successful, we have to learn how to control the mind so that we can connect to our higher selves.

  • Choose Your New Normal

    Today, we all have a new canvas on which to draw and create our new ‘normal’.  Let us take our time and breathe deeply as we pick up the brushes and start to paint!  Are we happy in our ‘brave new world’?  If not, it is not too late to change things.