ODE to the BUG – POEM

ODE to the BUG



Image by composita from Pixabay


Stay inside
Stay inside they said
But which inside did they mean
I was not too sure
Was it the inside of my house on my street
Or was it the inside of this house that houses the soul?


Keep the distance
Keep the distance they said
But which distance did they mean
I was not too sure
Was it the distance from my friendly neighbour
Or was it the distance from my inner fear and distress


Don’t panic
Don’t panic… they said
But what happened… everyone panicked…
So what did they do
They stocked up
But which stocking up did they do
Was it the stocking of the food in the house
Or was it the stocking up of the powers in the soul


They said many things
What they said was not what they meant


Photo from Pixabay


They forgot that it was nature directing the main script
It was she who was talking
Nature was telling another story
And only those who could hear, could listen
To her nebulous tones


If we wanted to hear
We all had to wake up
We needed the silence the mind
Not just the silence of the city
Silence would help us
To unravel the next segment of this drama


But some did not want to wake up
They preferred the dream
More than life itself


For those who did wake up
They could see clearly in the dark
Between the night and the light
They were not afraid and they were steady in their might
They were ready, prepared, equipped and excited
For the curtains to open and reveal the next sight


For they would be the leaders that others would shadow
And into the new world, they would lead forth
With their spirit and virtues and courage and light


A new world they created
That was filled with love, peace and joy
Harmony ruled and compassion blossomed
And humankind was once again renewed


Photo from Pixabay




© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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6 Responses to “ODE to the BUG – POEM”

  • Maribel

    What a fabulous poem!
    Very accurate to the present time in our society
    and in our personal lives.

  • Vivienne

    Thank you for this delightful poem / I love the words : silence of the city and silence of the mind ⭐️

  • OM Shanti ***
    A Lovely Inspiring Poem ODE Colourful Creative Imaginative Contemplative Indeed !*****
    Merci Beaucoup*** Dear Aruna Bhen
    Happy Jolly Healthy Earth Awareness Day !*****
    – 50th Anniversary of Earth Day –

  • Absolutely beautiful you really nailed it enjoyed every stanza and found it so inspiring let’s all live with our lives full of feature and pray for the ones going through suffering in this crisis thank you so much for the jewel of a piem


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