The New Space is Inner Space

The New Space is Inner Space

When we sit in meditation, we go into the ‘new zone’ that everyone is talking about these days!  This is the zone that is absolutely silent, motionless and deeply self-absorbing.  This new space is the inner space!  That part of me that has been dying to meet up with me, but that I just kept ignoring and didn’t give it the attention it needed.

Here we find, at the core of our being, that totally still part of our self that is undeterred by everything around us like the deepest part of the ocean where there are no currents. The idea is to return to that place of stillness and quiet time and again, so that we reinforce the fact that we are still and quiet beings, absolutely and innately peaceful.

To be quiet and still does not mean to be inactive, boring and joyless, in fact the opposite! There is a whole inner world to explore with our thoughts and at our own pace. There is no traffic there! We can enjoy the gentle unfolding of getting to know the deepest part of ourselves as it slowly reveals itself. We begin to find that well of deep peace that we have been searching for.  Because we are highly focused, every experience is significant and meaningful.

What is the experience of that deep peace?

Peace means to be totally contented; to not want anything more.  To desire or yearn for something means that there is an empty hole within, and if that is the case I will always be on the lookout for how I can fill that.  The attention of the soul will always be on ‘how to’ rather than the feeling of satisfaction.  In fact everything that the soul needs is right here inside of us, we don’t need to go out there for anything. Rather than feeling that we have to be busy in order to achieve something, instead we just need to sit and emerge what is right in our own back yard.

Peace means total acceptance.  Not wanting your drama to be any different than what it is.  To want to change something means the rise of another restlessness, and I won’t be at peace till I have gotten it changed.  But how about accepting the ‘what is’ and being at peace right here, right now, whilst the clock is ticking, or the people are yelling?  How beautiful it is to be a master of the moment, not a slave to it.

Peace means holding compassion.  To be gentle and kind, not aggressive with life or with others.  To get angry and condemnatory means that I have not understood that I cannot forcibly change anything that is outside of myself.  I can only change that which is within me, then the outer circumstances will mould themselves to match my frequency.  Tune into that love and kindness within you, it will shower onto and effect change on others automatically.

Every time you come into action, do so from that inner space.  It is a bit like having been to the well and coming away with a bucket full of peace! In this way you will find newness and satisfaction in every action, and energised rather than depleted.

My recent practice is to do everything in complete awareness, and to refine my actions accordingly.  So for example, while I eat the banana, I am conscious of peeling it and taking a bite and chewing it.  If I can’t give it that full attention then I stop and finish the other thing before resuming eating. In this way I am slowing down. You can apply this to washing dishes or even being engaged in a conversation; put your phone aside and give the other person your complete attention.  Be totally aware of your every action; eating, walking, talking, etc, and you will feel empowered and excited at life.

It’s Time… to re-discover that inner space and to emerge from that space every time you come into sound and action. Your heart and head will thank you for it.



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