New Beginnings …

New Beginnings …

“There is no protection in these walls, only in virtue.”
Brahma Baba


The month of January is significant for many people in some way or another. January marks the start of a New Year which stimulates us to begin new things or start over.  This may take the form of a change in our diet; creating healthy new habits; deciding to go to the gym; improving our relationships; or letting the past be the past.  January stands out as a pivotal month on our calendar, whether we choose to take benefit from this time or not, the New Year ushers in some form of newness.

According to myth, January is also governed by the Roman god Janus.  The god of beginnings, time, duality and transitions.  He is depicted as having two faces, the one that sees the past and the other that sees into the future.  By taking some inspiration from god Janus, we can gather up what lessons we learnt over the last year and find what is worth taking forward, the rest can simply be binned.  It is wise not hold onto any old grievances as these will only make us sick and will not allow us to move forward further, or to fly in life.

The students of The Brahma Kumaris honour the month of January. For this is not just the beginning of the year, but because on the 18th January 1969, the founder, Brahma Baba, left his mortal coil and ascended to his stage of perfection.

Brahma Baba was an interesting figure during the 20th century in India.  He was a pioneer exploring the field of spirituality and perfection of thought and mind.  Brahma Baba chose to take the path of self-transformation, and his journey began in the 1930s.  He was born to a school principal, but Brahma Baba later went on to earn a name for himself in the diamond trade.  With a shrewd intellect and a compassionate heart, he became a self-made millionaire, which at that time was a big deal.  He knew how to win clients and make friends in all circles of life; he was a very royal and charismatic personality.

It was around the early 1930s when Brahma Baba began to have visions of various types.  He saw visions of a massive shift of global transformation and renewal.  Brahma Baba also experienced in a vision, divine points of light, pure lights, souls descending onto the Earth plane, incarnating and taking on the physical form of the body.  Brahma Baba saw the world in its full beauty, this place we would call heaven, a land filled with love, peace and harmony, with much laughter and joy.  Most of all Brahma Baba realized that he too was a soul, a point of divine light, a spiritual traveller on a journey through time.

This led Brahma Baba to withdraw from life and spend more time in silence, contemplation, self-reflection and thinking about the nature of God more deeply. This was Brahma Baba’s inner quest for Truth. After lots of soul searching, Brahma Baba would become instrumental in starting an organisation that would become one of the mainly women led organisations in the world.

The aim in this month is to increase the practice of meditation. To spend the month more or less in silence and reflection; to lessen our thoughts, and avoid wastage.  Really to create good wishes for all, so in a sense the Christmas period stretches throughout January.

Silencing the mind helps us to get to know our self.  Why do we need to talk?  If I asked myself this question every time I talked, then maybe I might save myself a few conflicts and mis-understandings. We all know from our own personal experience how difficult it is to convey what we are thinking, and trying to explain to other people who are simply on a different page, when they just “don’t get us”!  This can be frustrating to say the least.  Sure, we have all been there.

Silence is the language of God.  We experience this language as love, and it is truly soul healing; when I can feel good about myself, when I can live from an intuitive place … that is when God is talking to me.  Sitting in silence enables me to feel God’s love and to listen to the “voice” of the One Divine.  My inner conscience begins to stir and I begin to have the courage to put into action the thoughts I always “knew” to be right.  I know deep down that love, truth and compassion are the things that will heal me and the world, but previously I was unable to access this inner power.  There was too much interference on my line, therefore the frequency was not clear.  Now, I am aware and awake.

Spend more time in January in self-reflection.  Dive deep and connect with your true eternal self, that pure light consciousness that is you the soul.  Learn to step into the newness of a new beginning with love in your heart and lightness in your being.  They say if someone is not in your heart, they will be in your head!

It’s Time … for the real new beginnings.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK 


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Mrs Poonam Samtani

Nice to know about God Janus shanti