Nature’s Wisdom – Indian Folklore

Nature’s  Wisdom

“How hot it is today,” a man thought, feeling irritated and dissatisfied with life.

He was sitting under a walnut tree when his eyes fell on a great pumpkin growing nearby.

“O God,” he said aloud, “How foolishly you have given such small nuts to this big trees and such immense fruit to this thin plant! Now if pumpkins were growing on this big tree and the nuts on the pumpkin plant I would’ve admired your wisdom.”

As he finished saying this, a walnut fell down on the man’s head and startled him.

Astounded, he now understood Nature’s wisdom, “O God,” he said reverentially, “You are right, after all. If the pumpkin had fallen on me from such great height, I would surely have been killed. So great is your wisdom and your goodness!”

Source: Indian Folklore



We would be foolish to question God and His creation, nature. To everything there is a reason, let us have the faith rather than wait for it to drop… ooops, I mean dawn on us!





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