Natural Calamities May Not Be So Natural After All

Natural Calamities May Not Be So Natural After All

We seem to assume that every natural calamity is an act of God or of Mother Nature. But is that so? Perhaps it is possible that we also have a big hand in the way matter behaves.

Natural Disasters

If we care to look back within the last 5 to 10 years, we would notice that there has been an upsurge in the number of natural disasters that have hit our planet: from typhoons, to hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions and even tsunamis. Is it that Mother Earth has suddenly decided to turn against us? Or could it be that we have aggressed and provoked her to react?

Natural Disasters2

As we pollute our waters with poisonous waste, or emit toxic gases into the air, and fill our landmines with plastic and lethal chemicals, we have in fact declared a war against Mother Earth. The conspiracy theorists may also think that some freak weather patterns and natural disasters are being created deliberately by people with less than good intentions. I also remember when there were earthquakes taking place in Bhuj, India and also Istanbul, Turkey. In both places I had heard there had been nuclear testing conducted underground just a few months prior to the quakes!

Natural Disasters4

We have totally forgotten that we are here to respect Mother Earth who feeds us, nourishes us and gives us life. Thankfully she is superior and much more powerful than us, so this is a war that she will win in the end… even if mankind does a lot of damage to itself in the process.

On a more subtle level, it is not only the physical waste, but our malicious and harmful thoughts that are hurting the matter and atmosphere of this world. There is substantial scientific evidence, (see the work of Dr Masuro Emoto – ) that our thoughts and actions affect the matter around us. As we have negative thoughts and feelings, and perform violent deeds, these vibrations go out into the atmosphere with negative effect.  As we create positive thoughts, we effect matter positively.

Natural Disasters5

If we believe in the law of cause and effect then something must have prompted this reaction from the earth. If we hurt someone or ‘something’ it will likely hurt us back. We are totally responsible for the way matter is responding to us right now.

If violence, anger and hatred continue to increase, we will only create more and more of a reaction in nature. Then we cannot brush off the responsibility and call these ‘natural occurrences’ any longer, we need to take full responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

There is a growing body of people around the world who are protesting about these ‘war crimes’ against the earth, for example countries who are banning giant culprits like Monsanto. There are yet other groups who are sending out peaceful vibrations to the world on a regular basis to counteract the upheavals within people and the world.

Astonishing results were achieved by a well documented study on the effects of meditation on world peace. The Lebanon Peace Project aimed to create peace in Jerusalem. War deaths were reduced by 76% on days when there was a high participation in the meditating group. (

In many places around the world including some of our centres there are experiments being conducted with ‘yogic agriculture’ ( and working in harmony with nature once again.

Natural Disasters6

Let us also acknowledge the many thousands of people who are working diligently and tirelessly to save the planet – from individuals recycling their rubbish to creating a massive awareness in people’s psyche around the world, such as the ‘Peace One Day movement’ (

And perhaps more than anything we just need to remember that when our internal ‘Nature’ becomes peaceful, then Nature herself will become peaceful. It starts and ends with us, so let us take the responsibility to ‘become’ what we want to see in this world.

Natural Disasters7

It’s time… to ‘tread’ more lightly on this earth, and give Mother Nature the respect she deserves. Let each one of us act responsibly, kindly and peacefully inspire others also. She is the only ‘Mother’ we have.

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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