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What gets you out of bed and into action every morning?  What gives you a zest for life? What’s that magic ingredient that makes your charismatic personality shine?  It’s your mojo!  Mojo is your positive spirit, self-confidence and self-esteem, and this is what makes you successful.  Your mojo is that personal magic that only you have, which can influence other people and situations.  This power begins inside and radiates outwards and everywhere.  Have you ever stopped to look at what your own mojo looks like?

Mojo could be a particular speciality or trait; the way we handle situations; it could be our body language; or it could be the way we simply stand and listen.  It could be that extra bit of luck or charm we possess.  It could be anything, but the important thing is it makes us feel powerful and self-assured.

By now if you have been reading my articles for a while, you will know that in spirituality that mojo emerges from deep inside and from the centre of you!  It comes from your inner state.  It’s not the power and influence one feels from the things around you, or from that “lucky” talisman, but rather the things that emerge from within.  Mojo is a very subtle form of attraction, it is to do with the inner spirit.

Your mojo is personal to you and it’s different for all of us.  But the important thing is to try and hold onto that magic.  There will be a hundred spells that will try to rob you of your magic, but remember that’s your strength and power, so never to let go of your mojo.

Sometimes you may be operating below par, and not at your optimum.  You may even feel that you have lost your mojo!  So here are some ways you can get it back.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”
The problem maybe only worth an ounce of your energy, but you give it a pound’s worth of attention.  Be realistic.  Be practical.  Are you overdoing it?  Perhaps… exaggerating a little?  “Let go and let God” guide you towards a solution.  In spiritual language the advice is to – “stay above it all.”  Let the drama happen down here and watch and enjoy it from up above.

Ask yourself the question: Is this … really worth giving my time and energy to?  Will it still be such a big deal tomorrow?

Image by Chil Vera from Pixabay

Stay in your own story
It is so important to stay in your own story and not start living someone else’s.  It’s easy to fall into the trap as you look to Facebook and Instagram as the bar or standard, to measure your own stardom and popularity.  But remember, even these stars of the hour are humans and have their own problems.  Even they go home at the end of the day and take off their make-up and look ordinary.  Do you ever wonder how much of this “show” is put on for the camera so to speak?  Comparing your life to those on social media is nonsensical and illogical. They may have their mojo but you have your own.

What do you love about your own story?   Are you living life your way?

Image by Chil Vera from Pixabay

Find your passion and purpose
If you are doing what you really love, then you will cruise through life and not have to labour too much.  Everything in the world has a purpose.  Look around you, that table and chair, frame, bed, plant and everything has a purpose.  It’s so essential to find your purpose in life if you are to feel passionate about your mojo.

What did you come into the world to do… and to be?  Find your passion and purpose and live it to the full.

Feed your soul
Knowledge feeds the soul; read new books that have stimulating forms of thought.  Other things also feed the soul: Go to the art gallery.  Visit interesting museums.  Take a stroll through the park, any park, big or small!  Watch the flowers grow; see the bird’s gracefully fly from tree to tree; observe the pitter patter of the rain as it falls; enjoy the sunrise and sunset.  “Be” at one with Nature and “be” in rhythm with the ocean waves.  Try a new hobby like singing, dancing, or if you are more adventurous then why not a zip line or paragliding… at your own risk!  The point is get out of the rut of routine, and let your eyes see new sights, forms and colours.  Just as you are not able to eat the same food every day, so too you need new cuisine for the soul each day if you are to keep that zing in your mojo.

Check are you feeding your mind and soul a healthy diet?

Image by nini kvaratskhelia from Pixabay

Count your blessings
A lot has happened in your life that makes it worth living.  Count all the positive things that have happened.  Those seemingly positive coincidences that were not coincidences at all but your good karma.  You attracted them into your life.  That was your own doing.  Which means you can do more of the same.

How will you create more blessings for yourself today?


It’s Time… to recognize the specialities of your mojo and to live with zeal, enthusiasm and confidence!


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK















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