Living Fearlessly” by Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda

Fear Kills…. more than the virus itself!

Living Fearlessly” by Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda

While meditating late one night, a certain Saint saw the ghost of the dread smallpox disease entering the village where he lived.

“Stop Mr Ghost” he cried. “Go away you must not molest a town in which I worship God.”

“I will take only three people”, the ghost replied “in accordance with my cosmic karmic duty”. At this the saint unhappily nodded.

The following day three persons died of smallpox. But the next day several more died and each day thereafter more villagers were overcome by the fearful disease.

Thinking that a great deception has been played on him, the Saint meditated deeply and summoned the ghost. When it came the saint rebuked it.

“Mr Ghost, you deceived me and did not speak the truth when you said you take only three people with your smallpox.”

But the ghost replied, “By the great Spirit, I did speak truth to you.”

The saint persisted, “You promised to take only three persons and scores have succumbed to the disease.”

“I took only three” said the ghost.  “The rest killed themselves with fear.”

You must resurrect your mind from the consciousness of disease — from the thought of disease. You are the invulnerable Spirit; immortal… but the body now rules the mind. The mind must rule the body…


Om Shanti


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10 Responses to “Living Fearlessly” by Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda”

  • Srinivas

    Good story that I can share with my kid. He’s afraid when he hear people dying due to the disease. Thank you. I like your articles by the way.

  • Amratlal

    It is true, fear destroys or slows down the immune system.
    Stay fear less that strengthen the fort. ( immunity )


    The story is very relevant in the present time. The fear is engulfing the whole world. It is unprecedented. The whole world seems to become a village. Let the mercy of Baba may prevail .

  • Good story for the current situation to calm the people full of anxiety and fear

  • Jagdamba Nautiyal

    When one knows that he or she is a soul and others are also souls, what happens to body is only a drama plan. Om Shanti.


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