The benefits of 4am meditation are endless, and the practice is not as difficult as some may think.  Yet some people’s immediate response when asked to try out this daily practice is one of shock and panic, especially those who go to bed at this hour!  In response, I would say, try it and give it a chance.  Don’t look to see what you are losing, but look to see what you are gaining!  Losing an hour or two of sleep is really nothing, compared to the power, confidence and spiritual stamina you will gain from awakening early and absorbing this early morning spiritual energy.  The feeling for me is one of intricately fine tuning myself, which in turns enables me to fine tune to the world, so that I can begin to know exactly what to think, say and do.  It’s also a time when the connection with God is the easiest and simplest.

Listen to the video to learn more…


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