It’s Time… for Me Time

It’s Time… for Me Time…


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Hello everyone… so it’s finally happened… we now have to sit and face ourselves.  What a golden opportunity to turn within and make maximum use of this time.  Such a time will not come again and it is up to each one of us to make the most of it.

Firstly, by being proactive and not being in denial, let us change some of the negative language floating around these days and make it positive and powerful.  As we do this we begin to change our thoughts and perspective on this whole world issue.  And that is how we can turn situations around, by changing our perspective.

We will now replace the term Corona with the word “Crowning”.  Why?  Because simply, it sounds similar and it sounds much better.  Instead of fearing it, we do not welcome it, but we do not reject it either.  Everything in life comes to teach us something, and this corona is teaching us to become masters of ourselves.  Masters of our actions.  Hence, we are being crowned.  Which crown?  Our halo.  We often call this light around us, the aura.

This is the subtle fine tuning of our consciousness.  How do we check our conscious mind?  By checking our thoughts.  This is an opportunity to practice creating only positive and powerful thoughts.  When we do get out of this mess, we are going to have to do a lot of positive thinking.  We do not know the full impact and consequences of all this, so, it is better we begin by practicing positivity right now.  It is better we increase the charge on our halo now, and become masters now, wise, responsible and steadfast.  That surge of light will help to remove a lot of darkness.  So next time someone says they have corona, tell them, they are being crowned king!

Instead of using the word quarantine… let us call it: “ME TIME”.  When was the last time you had personal time just with yourself?  Isn’t it a treasure?  So, change your perspective and cherish this personal “ME TIME”.

Instead of calling it a virus, let us call it: “Being Curious”.  Curiosity is always better than judgement.  Curiosity implies an openness.  Judgement implies the end.  This curiosity is the thirst for learning.  As we continue to learn the many lessons from this whole experience, we will become wiser.  We have a chance to become more whole, compassionate and understanding as we embrace all and everything.

Instead of calling it an epidemic, let us call it: “Mother Nature”.  Since Mother Nature is truly our mother, then from time to time, the mother has to teach us children, by law if we do not learn with love.  Mother Nature is alerting us to the fact that She is mightier than we are.  Mother Nature is more powerful and has been here forever.  This can be a very humbling experience and a good time for the ego to learn a lesson or two.

So how can we use this “ME TIME” as we stay at home?

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels


Below are some suggestions for a daily timetable:

4.00-8.00 am

Wake up between the hours of 4.00-8.00 am and meditate.  Many yogis wake up at 4.00 am and meditate for an hour or so.  If you can’t get up that early, that’s ok, wake up at 5.00 am or 6.00 am or 7.00 am, but do not sleep in otherwise you are missing a very important part of the day.  And remember we don’t want any old habits to creep in that will make it more difficult to change later.

The best gift you can give yourself is to begin with meditation every morning.  I am going to provide a meditation that you can start your day with each morning.

Make yourself a turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, lemon drink with warm water and drink two cups.  This will help to boost your immune system naturally.

Depending on when you wake up and how much time you have, you can journal in your diary.  This means writing away whatever comes to your mind.  It does not need to be systematic or make any sense.  Anyway, you will not read it for atleast three months, just turn over the page and write away the next day.  The idea is to get all the superfluous stuff out of your head and onto paper.  In this way you will see the creativity flowing as you pass through the day.

Meditate and focus your mind for two minutes.

Depending if you have more time on your hands, then you can write a letter to God one day and the next day a letter from God to yourself.  You will tune in with the higher energy and begin to think and talk from a more elevated frequency.  Try it and see.  Watch and see how God sees you and how you see yourself.  It’s a very interesting exercise.

Meditate for two minutes and be consistent in your practice.

8.00-9.00 am 

From 8.00-9.00 am make yourself a power juice or a power smoothie.  Be kind to yourself when it comes to eating.  Don’t just grab the first thing you see in the fridge.  Make mindful choices.  Take time and conjure up an interesting concoction of fruits or veggies.  Take time to drink this peacefully.  Sip it slowly with loving thoughts.

Meditate for two minutes.
With this practice you are coming back into alignment with your essence of being.

9.00-11.00 am      

In between you can be a KARMA YOGI, (be a yogi in action), and you can do a number of outstanding tasks that have been pending for a while.  Tasks such as:

  • Washing those curtains…
  • Decluttering the house/garage/attic… whilst you do this, you can disinfect these areas at the same time. If alcohol sanitisers are not available, you can use eucalyptus oil as a substitute.  Dilute in some base oil such as coconut oil or almond oil.  Or mix one part Clorox with 9 parts water.
  • Sort out any old clothes you are not wearing and take them to the Salvation Army or give them away to the charity shop.
  • Clean out the shoe cupboard – give some shoes away (see someone else happy using them!).
  • Polish your shoes.
  • Gardening – get in some morning sun whilst you are at it.
  • Clean out the washing machine detergent container.
  • Check the stock in your kitchen or pantry – rotate the old stock.
  • Fixing or repairing your clothes or parts of the house/flat.
  • And anything else that you can think of…

Meditate for two minutes
And remember to drink lots of warm water and
stay well hydrated to flush out anything unsavoury.

11.00-12 noon     

Exercise is simply a perfect way to use your time. Especially if the sun is out… go out for a walk, if you are allowed to go out… do some hatha yoga or physical exercise at home, either by yourself or watching a home video… This is the one I like and you might enjoy it too.

If you feel a bit hungry have some fruit or a few dates filled with hardened coconut oil from the fridge.  That is the best energy booster.

Meditate for two minutes
And remember to drink lots of warm water with lemon.  Keep flushing.

12 noon–2.00 pm 

Begin to cook something with love for yourself and eat fresh daily.  As you may have heard from many sources a plant-based diet is the way forward.  Non-veggie diets will only weaken the immunity and so for now, stick to veggies that inspire you and not meat that may help you to expire!

Thank God and say grace before eating your meal.  Eat with love, not hurriedly, you are not going anywhere, chew every morsel slowly with patience and love.

Make yourself a hot herbal tea to help digest your food.  You can soak cumin or fennel seeds in hot water and drink that after ten minutes, or you can make yourself a green tea.  Or simply drink fresh ginger grated in warm water.

Photo by Pixabay

Meditate for two minutes.
As you can see it is not so hard to find
just two minutes during your day for meditation.

2.00-3.00 pm 

Connect with someone.  It is important to stay connected and not to feel isolated.  Especially if you are living alone, then have a chat with someone.  Phone, Facetime or What’s App them.  No need to visit personally.  Also, not a good idea to gossip or go on and on about the latest issue.  I would suggest that you take up some spiritual topic, such as:

What makes us powerful?

What is the true meaning of self-respect?

What is our elevated purpose in life?

How do we travel using the power of our thoughts?

What is the true meaning of happiness?

Sure you can add some of your own ideas too.
Bottom line is, it has to be a positive and empowering conversation.

Call someone you have not connected with for some time.  You may not need them, but they may need you and your positivity right now.

Meditate for two minutes.
Top yourself up with mini peace breaks.


If you wake up early then it’s a good time to have a break and a short nap.  Catch up on the long-lost sleep.  Sometimes all we need is the sleep to make us into happy bunnies!

If you can’t nap in the afternoon, then take this time to just rest the body flat.  Close your eyes, close the curtains and just quieten the mind.  Be at peace.

Make yourself a nice cup of Indian chai with fresh ginger and cardamon and mint. Drink with love.

Meditate for two minutes.
You may find that you are starting to look forward to your taking time out.


Use this time for new learning or to follow up some hobby you have been procrastinating about for some time.  As we get into what we love to do, we not only energise the endorphins, but we also activate our right brain.  This is very healthy to create a happy state of mind.

Here are some ideas:

  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Knitting
  • Recording a song
  • Writing a poem
  • Reading
  • Gardening – even if you have to get some pots on the balcony or plants in the house – connect with the earth and meditate on these plants ten minutes a day
  • Writing a book
  • Learning about the power of herbs and Indian spices and self-treatment using spices from your kitchen
  • Producing home-made deodorants, creams, balms etc
  • Going Eco friendly and producing home-made cleaning agents
  • Take up carpentry
  • Learn a new language
  • Study about a new subject online or through some books


Have a bite to eat again if you need it… feed your body with love and kindness.  Or alternatively, you may want to fast for 16 hours, if your body can cope.  Fasting helps us to heal.  It gives the body a break to catch up on all the cleaning.


Stick to your programme and meditate for one hour.

If you are not a busy person, you can meditate for 30 mins.
If you are a very busy person then meditate for one hour!

Sit still in one place and observe the quality of your thoughts.  Reflect on your day, how did it go?  Could it have been better?  The aim is to create stillness of mind and body.  Do not be pulled or distracted by your thoughts, bodily aches and pains and desires.  Focus and create the inner posture of peace and calm.

Meditate for one hour
Be easy but be consistent in this practice and
you will feel the benefits of good health and a happy mind.

8pm onwards 

Begin to wind down… slowing down activity and also your thoughts.  Do some spiritual reading, and listen to some gentle and uplifting music.  Carry on with the remainder of your chores, but in a very calm and serene way.

              Meditate for two minutes.    

9pm onwards

Prepare for bed, practice some breathing exercises.  The thoughts you go to sleep with are the thoughts that you wake up with.  You can listen to a meditation commentary with ear plugs as you go to sleep.  Fine tune your thoughts and have a deep sleep, this will help to rejuvenate the mind and soul.

Take a deep breath and put your head down.  Sweet dreams.


It’s Time…  for “ME TIME”, and to become whole and holy.

Photo. by Pixabay

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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