Inner Peace and Inner Power Retreat, 2018

Inner Peace and Inner Power Retreat, 2018


This year is the 10th ‘Inner Peace Inner Power’ Retreat currently being held at the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Mt Abu, India.  Yes, the 10th!! What a significant number!  There are 148 guests and 60 spiritual guides and assistants from a total of 15 Middle Eastern and Asian countries, and the atmosphere created on this holy mountain is truly jubilant and amazing!

Mt Abu is also a popular tourist destination and a summer getaway for many around the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan.  It is home to several significant temples that devotees make a point to visit at least once in their lifetime.  The Dilwara Temple is one of the most famous Jain temples built around the 12th Century, and the interior design is architecturally stunning.  The natural beauty of this area also shows its own wonders.

Everyone attends these Retreats for different reasons, and each one is asking different questions.  But, perhaps the one main question for them all is: Where is peace?  How will we know when we find it?  And then how can we maintain it?

So, what is peace?  Normally, when the war ends we say there is now peace.  So, if we say we want peace then what do we want to end or finish that will bring peace into our lives?  How important is peace for us? What lengths will we go to find peace?  How can we keep hold of that peace in our lives?

One thing we must learn is that we cannot maintain peace without silence or meditation.  We may get fleeting moments of peace in our life, but they all pass momentarily.  Perhaps, we may find that drinking a cup of coffee or smoking a cigarette gives us the experience of peace.  But, that is only temporary for as long as our cup of coffee or cigarette lasts!  But lasting peace comes from a place deep inside.  Going right to the core of our being.  For us to find that quality of peace, then we will need stillness of both the mind and body.

The original nature of all human beings is… peace… love… happiness… and wisdom… plus, the quality of innocence.  Not just that we are not guilty, but that within our eternal divinity of the soul, at the heart of us is a simple purity.


Sometimes even when one is an adult they are still just a child inside. Even when someone is sixty years old, they can still be waiting for their mother or father to tell them that they are loved.  As young children, we need to be nurtured through touch.  Then as we get older we need to be told that we are loved.  We need to hear: “I love you!”  But what does that mean?  Does that mean that I really see you!?

Here, on the spiritual journey, it is not that we are full of ourselves, but we are full of love.  We recognise that and feel it, and so we don’t wait for someone to tell us that we are loved just to feel love.  The love is shared through the eyes.

As my soul brother or sister, I value you simply for you being you.  It is not necessary for you to feel that you need to do anything to be validated by someone else.  God loves and appreciates us, always.  His love is totally unconditional.  He loves us simply because we are!  Basically, this is a form of self-respect of seeing and accepting ourself the way God does.  This means that we are not coming from a place of ego, but true self-esteem based on knowing the true self, the unchanging inner I.

In truth every single one of us wants the same things for ourselves.  A lasting inner peace.  What kind of peace do you want?  That peace can come when we come to know, understand and appreciate ourselves at a spiritual level.  That which is spiritual does not change in its nature, but when we forget this we start living from the outside, and then somehow we begin to lose our inner peace and also our inner power.

These and other questions get answered at such retreats.  It is a time that we take out to be with ourselves, and to share with like-minded travelers.  A retreat means time to re-treat.  To step away from all the hum and drum of all activities and to re-evaluate what are the important things in life. When we are clear, then we are confident and can manage life’s ups and downs better from a place of balance and wisdom.

These retreats are run every year to give people a chance to experience a life of spirituality 24/7.  We wake up at 4.00 am for early morning meditation together.  Then after tea and shower, our first class on spirituality begins at 6:30 am, and this is followed by stretch exercises or a walk through the valley.  Breakfast is well earned by then!  Other sessions continue throughout the morning and evening and there are outings in the middle of the day to various interesting places too.

Below are some pictures to give you a fragrance of this magical experience taking place right now!  Each one of us is on a journey, and sometimes a retreat can help us to bring the important things in life back into focus.


Arrivals from Korea


Ice Breaker in the Lake Garden






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2 Responses to “Inner Peace and Inner Power Retreat, 2018”

  • Dear Aruna- I simply LOVE what (topics) and how (style) how you write…..listen I am based in New Delhi and would like to attend an INTENSE ‘BHATTI’ ….however in ENGLISH only……how can I learn about these activities well in advance ….so that I may plan accordingly. Please do guide.

    • Hello Anu,

      Thank you for your message

      You can contact your local BK Meditation centre and get more details.
      There are many in Delhi.

      All the best
      Om Shanti


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