Having a Big Heart – Generates Might and Inner Strength

Having a Big Heart – Generates Might and Inner Strength

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When we have a big heart, we open the doorway for blessings to come our way.

Sometimes we are not exactly aware of how much power we have within and around us.  We need to be reminded that we are powerful beyond belief.  And today I am going to remind you just how powerful you are.

As we wake up with good health today… out of the many billions of souls around the world, we are blessed.  We have a roof over our head… we are so fortunate.  Many millions of people exist under very challenging situations on a daily basis.  When we easily have food and water on our table… Wow we are some of the lucky few!  We may have a phone or laptop, and we are reading this… then amazing!  But we forget that not everyone lives like we do.

Basically, we do not appreciate what we have until we realize that not many others out there have the same.  It’s a bit like sitting in the second row of the theatre, and wishing we were sitting in the first row.  And when we look back we notice that we are well ahead of 28 other rows!  Suddenly we begin to have a sense of appreciation of our good fortune in having that seat!

Big Heart
One of my biggest strengths is my big heart.  When I am able to embrace everyone with an open heart that reveals my greatness. Without bartering or bargaining, big hearts give generously without measuring, without wanting anything in return.   Because the big heart has realized that the power is within them to give, they do not wait for any acknowledgement from the other.  As soon as the big heart has opened and shared, it has already become full again with gratitude and happiness.

Big Attitude (in the right way!)
Having an attitude of openness is being big and mighty.  When I see others with a narrow judgemental vision that is being petty and small.  Attitude is everything.  Not only for myself, but having the right attitude for others.  It can mean the difference between causing some damage to someone, and being able to help them to develop.  Always keep a big A-ttitude!

Image by Dan Fador from Pixabay

Big Thoughts
Continue to think big.  I find that my potential opportunities expand when I become unlimited in my thinking.  It does not suit me to think weak and negative thoughts.  Whoever is the big thinker will be the winner.  Small thinking ones only get defeated.  The universe is my oyster.  I can make the impossible possible.  If not me then who?  All these are examples of big thoughts.  Everything starts with a thought, so start with big ones!

Knowledge is Might
Knowledge is light, knowledge is might and if I have both I am bright! Bright not just as in shiny bright, but wise and prudent.  Knowledge is information and when one has knowledge one is empowered.  Continue to seek knowledge, open the intellect, this is known as opening of the third eye.  Which is why when I understand, I say, “Oh, now I see!”

The one who is blessed is mighty, they have inner strength.  But isn’t everyone blessed?  Exactly!  But it’s the ones who keep this in the forefront of their mind that are truly blessed!  When I see that every talent, virtue, skill, asset that I have is a blessing, then it stretches further.  Powerful are those who feel that everything is a blessing.  The sun is a blessing; the rain; the small car; the noisy family; even the half-eaten apple from your child.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

It is those who exude a real sense of self-respect who are powerful.   The empty one that is filled with ego and pride does not help in times of need.  Real self-respect comes from knowing the real self, both the strengths and weaknesses.  Recognizing that my time here is limited, and I have come here to make a difference, to make things better in our world, not worse.  In fact my life, my existence on this Earth should be a counted as a gift and blessing for the world.

Mighty are those who have the ability to respond to life’s challenges.  Playing the victim card gets me nowhere.  I have to take charge of my life first.  I have to change myself before thinking of fixing others!  Real leaders are those who lead from the inside out. First they change, and then others are inspired to change themselves too.  This is where real respect and integrity lies.

It’s Time… to not only count our blessings in life, but to appreciate our inner strength and power too.


Image by Michi S from Pixabay

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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kasi viswanath chappiti

ohm shanti Having Big Heart is one of Sister Aruna Ladwa gem of expression in Engligh.Very crisp English., can i see equvalant expression in HINDI PLEASE so that Iwant to match same expression in MATRU BASHA Please help me..JAI HIND