Haven’t I Met You Before?

Haven’t I Met You Before?

How Reincarnation3often have you met someone for (apparently) the first time but felt that you knew them already? Or you’re pretty sure that you have met them previously… and yet it’s not possible in this lifetime. Could ‘previously’ mean in another lifetime? For those who subscribe to the notion of reincarnation, then it certainly is a possibility.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, it seems that the majority of the world’s population actually believe in reincarnation. Not only is it embedded in many cultures and religions around the world, but also statistics seem to show that its acceptance is growing. Current day Christianity does not endorse the belief of reincarnation (though it is commonly known that it did up until 500 years AD) and yet a recent statistic states that 25% of American Christians do support this belief, and it seems the number in the western world is growing rapidly.

wheel of life

So, whatever side of the fence you are sitting on, whether it is part of your belief system or not, just imagine for a moment that this is not your only existence in a human body, but there were plenty of others.   You had many other mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, many different careers and interests, you spoke many other languages and perhaps practised other religions. You had innumerable friends, relationships, and a huge variety of experiences.  You learned and grew through each lifetime. ‘You’ of course, are not this particular body whose eyes are scanning these words. ‘You’ are the soul who has traveled though many bodies and had many names.

Valuable lessons in life and experiences learned during our many lifetimes stay within the soul.  We then consciously or unconsciously go through cycles of learning and unlearning, pain and letting go… until we come to a place of great peace and balance in the soul.  But this requires deep reincarnationreflection and inner work which not everyone is willing to do.  To look deep into the innermost recesses of our soul takes great courage!

If there are times when we simply cannot understand the dynamics within certain relationships, then perhaps there is some past birth involvement.  Karmic debts created in past births are being repaid in this lifetime.  Hence the confusion: ‘Why is this happening to me?’  ‘Why is this relationship difficult?’ If we can only understand that we would not be asked to ‘pay out’ for something that we had not ‘bought into’.karma3

Understanding the concept of multiple lifetimes actually frees us from many fears and bondages of this lifetime.  We need not get stuck to this one, thinking ‘this is all there is’. We understand that we do not die, we simply continue on our soul journeys, and those people we meet, who seem so familiar, may have been our companions in many lifetimes, with a complicated history of give and take.

karma cafe2

Past birth commitments, vows, and contracts also have to be fulfilled, which is why we may be driven to take up certain professions or ‘callings’, or why we have a compulsion or great passion for certain causes or to fulfil particular experiences in this life. The intricate law of karma, once understood correctly, gives great comfort and peace to the soul.  Like a debt at the bank, our negative karmas have to be settled, and until they are we will keep on receiving nagging reminders. When we pay off our debts, the soul becomes free of its accounts.  And of course not all karmas are negative… our ‘good fortune’ is not just good luck, it is something that we have earned! So when we meet our dream partner and call them our ‘soul mate’, then it may involve much more behind the scenes than we are aware of!

have we met before

There are reasons for everything. Be open to the learning of this lifetime. Look out for the signals, for they are surely there.  Don’t resist the lessons that life is teaching you, for they will only persist… even beyond this lifetime.

It’s Time… to make a difference and create that better future.  Take the courage to look at old patterns of behaviour and choose to change, or let them go if they are not beneficial. Make your thoughts and actions so positive and good, that they will serve you in the future. Create loving and co-operative relationships with others, knowing that what you give out you will get back, if not now, then later, in the karma cafe!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source –
‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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Dear Aruna,
Please comment on the belief that christianity brought to the law of Karma. Since Jesus took all the sins of humanity when he died.
Love and joy from Argentina.
Om Shanti