Happiness is Power

Happiness is Power

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Most of us following a spiritual path have come to recognize that happiness needs to be now, and not at some time in the future. Yet just as importantly, we need to realize that happiness is our genuine inner strength and power. Happiness is our natural state of being and in yet in the ‘unnatural’ world we live in, happiness sometimes seems a long way away from our current reality.

Ravan, Sheitan, Maya, The Devil; all of these names describe the negative forces that try to take our happiness away. They don’t like to see us happy, they want to see us unhappy!  In fact that is how their power increases, when they have robbed us of our happiness and made us sad and upset.  So they will do all within their means to ensure that we do not stay happy!

Monsters INC
Monsters Inc.

The animated movie, ‘Monsters Inc.’, is so akin to real life!  In the movie, the monsters produced power by frightening the children.  The louder the screams and shouts of the children, the more energy was created!  So the monster’s mission was always to try harder and harder to scare the children.

In the same way, Maya and Sheitan continue to scare us too!  They make us restless and peaceless by instilling fear and forever increasing desire in our lives.  As desire increases, so does insecurity and discontentment, leading to anger and greed, attachment and ego.  These vices feed the ‘monsters’, and as we are sucked into these illusions, we are giving life to them more and more.

Of course, it should be acknowledged that Maya, Sheitan, Ravan and such similar characters, are not actually forces out there, they are simply symbolic of our own inner darkness and weaknesses. When we choose to act out under the influence of our negativity, that is when we have chosen to side with Ravan! The stronger the vices inside of us, the more Ravan schemes to take us over.

From the Movie ‘Inside Out’

We, on the other hand, have to defend our territory and do all within our means to stay in our power. The game is for us to stay firmly seated on our throne of happiness and peace. The ultimate battle, I believe, is happiness versus sorrow. If we fail to see the game for what it is and we become unhappy, then we lose!

How do we give our power away to people and things?  By being affected.  By allowing ourselves to be toppled off our throne of eternal peace, happiness and prosperity.  As soon as we have one negative thought about a situation, we are beginning to shake from our original state of truth into doubt or worry, or tension or apprehension.  Create a few more wasteful thoughts, and soon we are about to fall off completely.  And when we do, the monsters will definitely capture us, and we will be imprisoned together with the other complainers, criticizers, and nitpickers!


Many things will come into our lives to take away our peace and happiness.  The weather and the traffic are obvious ones, but also nosey relatives, the ever-demanding boss, the diving stock market etc.  Do we have to give our peace away to these things? Surely not!  As we become irritated, frustrated or angry, that means we have bought into the illusion.  The illusion that this is the only way to react!  As others shake and collapse, it does not mean we have to follow suit.

The only thing that can save us in such moments is remembering our inner truth. And the truth is we are innately peaceful, powerful and happy beings. We allowed the kingdom of sorrow to take away our happiness and cloud our judgement. Now it is a return journey back to realizing that truth.

Truth is light. And where there is light there cannot be darkness. Where there is peace and love and happiness, there cannot be sorrow and hatred and confusion. Once we recognise and feel and stay in that immutable truth, then we can get back onto our thrones.

And when we are firmly seated on our thrones, we can see the illusions for what they are – they are completely clear to us. And they can no longer make us their slaves. So no matter what others say or do, let me keep calm inside and stay seated on my throne of peace.

It’s Time… to get back onto the throne of power. I am a peaceful and happy being, and nothing and no one can shake me from my throne – not even a monster!

© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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11 Responses to “Happiness is Power”


    Nice explanation of Happiness. Now no fear of any kind of Monster.
    Thanks lot Aruna Didi

    • True!

      There is no monster out there – only the ones we create inside!

      All the best for 2016

      Om Shanti

    • Hello Usha,
      Yes thanks for writing

      The hindi translator had some urgent business and is now back on track… and we will have the posts put up soon.

      All the best for 2016!

      Om Shanti

  • Very nice put up. Even though in spiritual journey.. your words still are engaging. An add-on.

  • bk mangay

    Om shanti… Please note that, I am not getting any messages from your website,. kindly send me all your articles related to – its time to meditate or any others for meditation by Aruna bhen.
    these are jewels for service and self transformation. Thank you Aruna bhen

    • Please kindly go to its time to meditate. org and subscribe to the mail.
      let me know if it doesnt work.

      Thanks for writing.

      All the best for 2016

      om shanti

  • Nice thoughts Aruna ji on how to stay happy n peaceful .
    Thank you for reminding us all the time !

  • In Islam it is said that Shaitan is shackled during the holy month of Ramadan. As you have rightly pointed out it is our positive efforts during the month such as fasting (austerity from bodily cravings), prayers, contemplation, reflection, charity, good deeds etc that keeps the Shaitan (negative force within us) away. Thank you Didi for the clear explanation.


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