The next time you cut your finger slicing a tomato, or strike your thumb with the hammer, then ask yourself, what you were thinking the instant before it all happened?  Where was your focus of attention?  Chances are you were mentally somewhere else, working on some problem or issue, or scheming or daydreaming.

We may brush the event off as an accident, implying that it was unexpected and in some way unavoidable.  But if we think again, we will often discover that most accidents are in fact logical consequences of how we have been thinking, feeling, and behaving. Usually it’s the case we were thinking about something else at that time. We were not paying attention… meaning that we were not focused on what we were doing.

Imagine you are carefully driving your new car off the showroom ramp. You are excited about your wonderful new car… the smell and the feel of it. You are careful because you don’t want to scratch the sides! But as you drive out into the road you cause an accident. You were focusing, but on what? Obviously not the thing that really mattered most!

As people today ‘focus’ on their mobile devices, they are losing focus in real life relationships. Real friendships and relationships can only develop and be successful when we give real time to them. And yet, as in so many areas of our lives, we tend to give our focus to what is in front of us, rather than what is truly important to us.

Focus is important in all areas of our life, moment by moment.  It is not enough to just give a little bit of attention and leave the rest to chance.  At the same time, it should also not be a tedious or labour intensive activity.  If we have certain guiding principles in place, our focus will be automatic.

For example, if we are determined to do a good and tidy job, we will be directed automatically to focus on those elements that are important to getting the task completed in a satisfactory way. If, however, we are not interested in the task and we just want to get it over and finished with, then it will get done but the result will be poor, and possibly incomplete.  In this case, focus is related to intention. If we are careful to create the right intention before we start a job, then it will automatically create the focus to get the job done well.

It’s also known that our mind can be selectively focused. A negative command such as “Don’t miss the ball!” may result in the dreaded event happening, simply because the mind can’t process the negative and the message it gets is “miss the ball’. So the lesson here is to always focus on the positive!

One thing is for sure: that what we focus on we will get more of. Focus too much on what could go wrong in a situation, and it quite possibly will. Focus on the negative attributes of other people and we will only experience more of them coming our way! Have the expectation of a good result and it will likely come to fruition. Usually what we expect is what we get.

Focus brings clarity to a situation, and makes things happen. It makes tasks easier and helps them to be accomplished better and more quickly. Used in the right way it brings good things into our lives, and makes life’s path smoother and more peaceful.

Choose to focus on the good and positive and that is what you will attract into your life. Focus on positive things because that is what you want to experience. Move your attention away from the negative, and do not give your problems the sunshine of your attention, unless you want them to grow!

It’s time… to be mindful of everything we do. Stay focused on the positive, and expect a good outcome, and you will be nicely surprised!



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