Don’t Let it ‘Land’

Don’t Let It ‘Land’

Pete Guan
“The reality of life is that your perceptions – right or wrong – influence everything else you do.  When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.”
Roger Birkman

When things happen to us, we often get so consumed and overpowered by those events or people.  And in that moment, only that thing matters; we become oblivious to everything else in our life, even the positive that is happening around us. It takes a while before we realize to what extent we had succumbed to that thing or person. And even then, it’s not so easy to turn the dial back to zero and find our balance.

This is where I say, ‘Don’t let it land’.  When I get affected mentally or emotionally or by any other allied force, then I have allowed that thing to ‘land’ in my life and stick to me.  Then it will harass me, until I send it flying off on its way on the next flight. But while it is hanging around it will create a bunch of waste thoughts and mixed emotions.  It is like something landing on your car windscreen, maybe from a passing bird, and that muck just begins to obscure your whole vision. I will then remain disturbed by the lack of clear vision until I can safely stop and clean all that ‘stuff’ off my field of vision.  In the same way I have to clean out of my mind and let it go.

Allowing things to land in my heart or mind means that I have given them far greater weight and importance than my own precious life; or my own self-respect; my own time; my own breathe and other valuable resources.  I have given it more air time than it deserves.  The thing may be miniscule, but because I have let myself become emotionally affected by it, that thought or idea has become a mountain and a big issue in my mind.  This is when we find that we have lost our proper and balanced perspective, we find we are pulled into some energy vortex of wasteful thinking.  Be careful because this is how the ego can get the upper hand on our mind.

For example.  Someone enters your room without asking you.  Actually, it’s a small thing.  However, the fact that they entered without YOUR permission, got to you.  You allowed their disrespect, their bad manners, their discourteousness and so on to get to you.  This action may have been without consideration for your space and unintentional.  Whatever they did is their deed and their karma… how you will react to their behaviour will be your  karma.  The karmic boomerang will come back to me, not to them.  Weigh up your reaction to their action; now is it proportionate and valid?  Does it balance?  Have you may be over-reacted a little?  Did something just land on you?  Stop!  Clean it off pronto!

Richard Lee

When things land, we often get angry.  Anger is a way to express our distaste, displeasure and irritation for the situation.  What we do not realize is that that one did the bad deed and I am suffering with my own anger, this is my reaction to that bad deed.  So who is the one who ultimately suffers?  It’s me!  They were the trigger for that train of negative thought set in motion, but I am the one who is upsetting my own self.  When the fog clears and there is some clarity, I will be able to see clearly both their and my contribution to this drama.

And when things land, it stays in the memory track for a long time because we have mulled things over in our mind, we have been mentally chewing on that person or incident.  That is why it is difficult to remove the sorrow and pain we have taken, especially from relationships. That landing made an impact and it festers.  There is a mark left forever.  The idea is not to remove the scar, but to let it leave a positive effect on the soul.  So when we do indeed reflect on the situation then we remember the lessons learnt, the benefit taken from that test in the drama…  this is how we move into the space of self-respect. We can stay in our power when we learn to use the power of our own mind … positively.

“Self-respect is not a matter of what you are doing in your life, but rather of how you are doing it.  This requires that you bring quality and virtue into each action, whatever that action maybe.”
Dadi Janki

We can choose to stay in our peace and in our power.  We can maintain our soul respect.  We can change the quality and nature of our thoughts at any time – we only need choose to do so.  For this we need to be aware that ‘stuff’ has landed on us and we have to clean ourselves up.  When we shift out of the lower energy vibrations, then we can start to move to the higher frequencies of love, compassion and wisdom. We become proactive, rather than reactive.

Zac Ong

For that we need focus and to pay attention, remain centred and not lose our concentration with the myriad of distractions that are out there in the world. We also have to free ourselves from our own thinking patterns; along with those old recordings from the past playing in our mind; and those worries about the future too.  We also have to be alert to anything that may try to land itself upon us and our life.  So vigilance is the key.

We can stay in our self-respect when we are honest with ourselves.  So what to do if we do not want things to land?  We have to immediately send them on their way.  We need to pay attention to ourselves and not take things personally, this will help us to remain free.

It’s Time… to make sure that those unwanted thoughts and feelings don’t have a runway to land on us.

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK












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wonderful article!!!!

CA Raumann Manéz

Om Shanti Chere Aruna Bhen’
Merci Beaucoup for Such a Poignant Article’***
“It landed as a Very Worthwhile Reminder in my Inbox at the right Time
Especially with the Quotation from Beloved Dadi Jankiji
You are an Amazing Writer Author ❣️
Hope to See You Soon on this World Theatre-Drama Stage back in the UK Mighty England
Lots of Love and Blessings
Namastè IBY and Pyaar

Cynthia Kgosimore

So profound.