Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki
Written by Carol Lipthorpe


It is a wonderful scene in the beautiful drama that Dadi Janki is back in the Middle East, this time in Bahrain. At the age of 100, Dadi is still circling the globe, still inspiring, still serving, and is perhaps even more powerful than ever.

It seems that Dadi has mastered time and matter. The physical body may be frail, but that doesn’t prevent her from getting done whatever is needed. She never complains about any ache or illness (and she has had many). She will just say “The body is doing what it has to, and I am doing what I have to.” She has been at death’s door several times in her 100 years, yet, never one to even waste a minute, she has used these times of illness to go inside, connect even more powerfully with the Divine, and emerge spiritually ever stronger.


Likewise, she has an amazing ability to bend time. Those of us who are close to her know that time seems to contract and expand around her, synchronicities abound, and airplanes unwittingly but obediently wait for her if she is meeting someone and she feels the need to give them extra time.


Though Dadi is the one who is travelling, it actually seems that the whole world is flowing around her, meeting her every physical requirement so that she is free to give whatever spiritual sustenance is needed in any situation. Actually she is really only ever in one place: centred, still and connected. And when she is with you she gives you her whole attention as though nothing else matters, except of course the most important thing of all, her connection with the Supreme. But three is not a crowd in this instance. Sometimes her body seems to take a moment to catch up with her, but be sure that, even if she isn’t looking at you directly, her love and power and good wishes for the soul are definitely heading in your direction. A second later, the moment is over, and she is now completely detached and on to the next event that she needs to give her whole attention to. Her thoughts never linger for a moment longer than they need to. In fact Dadi doesn’t think. And she often tells all of us not to either. What she means is, don’t create unnecessary or waste thoughts. Don’t use your left-brain worldly logic to try to work things out. Instead, stay internally still and connected and the inspiration to do or say exactly the right thing will just emerge. It’s her no-pollution policy in her thinking that keeps her so pure and spiritually powerful.

Never lose your childhood!


Dadi sees herself not as a teacher, but as a student. Not as the head of a 1 million-person strong institution, but as a constant server. She would never accept a worldly title. “Dadi” means elder sister, and she is perfectly happy with that. She is a powerful, peaceful Yogi, and she’s also feisty and fearless. If you ask her a question, be prepared for the answer. She knows what you need, so sometimes her love can be ‘tough’, but it is also without limits.

‪Dadi seems to have won the battle with ego better than most.  She is utterly simple and totally royal at the same time. For example, she would never accept a worldly title or personal praise. “Dadi” means elder sister, and she’s perfectly happy with that. And as with all truly great souls, her humility is the sign of her greatness. Yet hers is not the kind of humility that bows down. On the contrary, it stands up to be counted. No matter how many people she is in front of, no matter how many titles, or political position, wealth, name or fame or they may have, she is invariably, and by the simple virtue of her being, the most powerful person in the room. And as she enters, all eyes are on this diminutive 4′ 6″ high lady, and all faces are beaming.

Dadi Janki meeting with His Highness Sheikh Khaled Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain

Age is not even a number to Dadi: it is totally insignificant. Of course everyone is eager to celebrate her centenary, and she has patiently and lovingly sat through more birthday celebrations than most people would do if they had ten lifetimes. And yet, the reality is that Dadi is becoming more like a baby every year. Not in the sense that some old people do, but in the sense of actively letting go of all worldly or even ordinary thoughts, all vestiges of the vices, and any other things that bind her to the worldly plane. She is the wisest, and yet the most innocent of all. Wherever her attention may be in this temporal world, on another level she knows that the only real and eternal relationship is with the One, and that the only reason she remains until now in her old costume is that she knows she still has work to do before she goes home.

As Dadi walks by, you can catch the fragrance of roses. Whether real or imagined, it doesn’t matter, but that’s what most of us are left with when Dadi has exited the room… an uplifting fragrance of spirituality that melts any resistance, and stays in the heart forever.

Om Shanti

Gallery of Bahrain Visit

bro e meeting at airport n teddy
Dadi was received at the door of the plane by Dr Ebrahim Al Dossary (and Teddy!), President of Bahrain Meditation Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain


Welcomed by Sis Awatif with flowers


Welcomed with fresh roses by the family at the Meditation Centre


welcome program
**************Welcome Program**************


Dadi was welcomed with a mix of dances from Arabia, India and China, and poetry and songs from the family.


little girl video 2
Tiny tot taking a video of a singer!!!!


bro E talking from podium
Bro Ebrahim welcoming Dadi at the Public Program: Awakening Your Inner Power


IMG_9240 (1) IMG_9241 (1)


musician at program
Soothing music played at the start by Mr Saad Mahmood Jawad, Bahrain Music Institute


Click on this link, to watch a 7 min video on Dadi Janki:

public program
Program was packed out with 550+ participants sitting on the stairs and at the back of hall. Dadi spoke about not wasting time, money, energy and to live a life of simplicity. These things, she said, help us to preserve our inner power and energy.


meeting dep pm
An international delegation from Bahrain Meditation Centre, including Bro Ebrahim and Bro Khamis, met with His Highness Sheikh Khaled, Deputy Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain. 


education minister sitting
Meeting with the Education Minister, His Excellency Dr Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi.  His Excellency presented Dadi with this gift, a picture painted by an autistic child.  The Ministry encourages creativity in children and then buys their work, helping to improve the children’s self esteem.


tour of house
Touring the new centre!! 
IMG_9397 IMG_9399 IMG_9407
IMG_9393 IMG_9676 IMG_9677


dadi cake
Dadi’s Cake




Farewell – Bro Ebrahim thanking Dadi for gracing the Kingdom of Bahrain.  He said she is a living legend!
IMG_9722 IMG_9720 IMG_9732


IMG_9649 IMG_9634 IMG_9624Ansuya Shaikha Aruna



hilal and book


IMG_9696 IMG_9669 IMG_9663


unnamed-8 Ebrahim taking gift


Dadi departs Bahrain leaving fragrant and unforgettable memories!!






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12 Responses to “Dadi Janki”

  • Yes indeed, Dadi Janki is a great inspiration to us seniors! The spirit within conquers all; even the frailties of the body!

    Mary E

    • Thanks Mary Ellen!
      Yes Dadi is amazing!
      Such an inspiration!
      and her tireless efforts still till today!
      Om Shanti

  • S. Hijjawi

    Dear Aruna, I have to admit that since I was introduced to the Harmony House in Kuwait, not less than 5 years ago, I have not attended more than 30 meditation/ lectures & two retreats, one in Oxford & one in Bahrain. I am happy to say that since then, the change in my way of life & the way looking at things around me has taken a new path, more smoother & more satisfying! I have to thank you, the team in Kuwait & the dedicated people in the world who are devoting themselves to such great cause which will, one day, change the concept of our world to the better. Thank you Aruna for being what you are & may the Great be with you to continue your mission…
    Om Shanti

    • Hello Saad,
      Thank you for writing such lovely thoughts.
      Happy to hear that the meditation and wisdom have helped.
      Come by sometime to the centre.
      God Bless

      Om Shanti

  • Wah wah wah ! Lovely images giving the feeling of being there and then! Thank you angels ?


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