Creating Your Personal Silence Day

Creating Your Personal Silence Day

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In the past people often chose a silence retreat as a way to go within and experience the depth of silence. They would take this opportunity to really get to know themselves.  The yogis, nuns and monks know the value of silence, which is why they are disciplined in their daily practice.

Each one of us can have a unique experience for ourselves by creating our own personal silence day, taking time out to become introspective.  When we create a sincere intention to go deeply within the ‘self’ we can discover some new insights about our self.

In the present climate we are not able to be together physically on a retreat, but each one of us can choose to make time to experience our own mini-retreat.  We can already see this happening in the zoom world, where souls are joining together for talks and collective meditation at set times.

Perhaps, you just want to experience the beauty of silence for your own self and create that peaceful energy in your own home space, in that case you may choose the authentic silence which is distraction and gadget-free to create a more contemplative experience.

As with anything, preparation is the key.  Setting your intention before the start of the day will help you a lot. Then you will surely uncover many hidden treasures.

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The Night Before

Even before you sleep, create the intention to have a silent mind with a few minutes of meditation.  Hold a thought, prayer or some words that are spiritually uplifting in your mind.

As soon as you wake up, again spend a few minutes creating powerful and positive thoughts.  You might like to use a powerful affirmation that will set the tone for the day.

Practice I am…  I am love….  I am peace…  I am joy…  I am powerful…  I am wise…  Decide that you want to have an experience of your beautiful inner self and develop a deeper connection with the Divine.

On Your Chosen Silence Day

Let your phone have a silence day too, if not for the whole day, at least you will still see the benefit of it being on ‘silent mode’ for a few hours.  Aim for inner, not just outer silence. As you pay attention to your thoughts, notice those which are not beneficial, and gently release them. Create only good thoughts.

Enjoy the sweet silence of early morning meditation between 2.00 am-5.00 am.  There is no need for you to create many thoughts at this time of the day.  At this time there is nowhere to go, and nothing to do.  Just see yourself as a shining point of light and bathe in the rays of the Supreme Light of the Divine. Experience this pure love at this very special time of the day.

Be aware to stay in the present moment. Become absorbed in your inner world, and when you find yourself thinking about other things – the past, other people and places – then gently bring your mind back with pure, positive thoughts to your inner qualities.

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Be a detached observer, see yourself as the eternal soul, and not the roles that you play in your life. If at any time, you find your thoughts becoming negative, choose to bring them back to the positive and the present moment.

If you can set a timetable for your thoughts through-out the day, perhaps with some themes, then this will help you stay focused.

Try and include some form of movement for the body to keep the energy flowing, connecting with Nature will also help.

Live from a place of presence and practice being in a state of spiritual awareness at this time.

Some suggested practices for the day to create a soul conscious stage:

Walk in the awareness that I, the soul, am making this body move. I the soul am seeing through these eyes, hearing through these ears.

  • Whilst you are walking and moving around, practice seeing yourself as a soul and others as souls, the living, sparkling points of light in the centre of the forehead.
  • Take some time to sit in the pure and quiet atmosphere of the early morning. Sit in meditation and experience the stillness of Nature.  Go and sit outside, and be with the elements if the environment permits.
  • Experiment with eating in silence, be in the company of the Divine.
  • Definitely avoid the distractions and the company of those gadgets, unless they can enhance your practice and help you to go within.
  • Whilst cooking and eating your food, with every mouthful, remember the One who is feeding you. Invoke feelings of love and gratitude. With each thought of appreciation, you will be able to bring yourself more and more into alignment and harmony, being with the flow of the Universe.
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Thoughts for the Day, and Ideas for Journaling

You may find it helpful to create a theme for yourself to focus upon for the day.  Maybe spend some time journaling and writing down your thoughts. When the mind is quiet, newness will emerge and you will find that you will become more aware of living from a conscious state of being.  As you pass through your day you will come to learn a lot about yourself!

It’s Time… to journey within to experience the beauty of silence.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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