Christmas time… Time for Peace

Christmas time… Time for Peace

Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

“I have the faith that force of peace is greater than the atomic bomb,
greater than any power the world can produce.”

Dadi Janki


Ah, it’s that time of year again.  It seems to come around quicker every year!  But, wow!  What a year we have had!  To call it strange would be an understatement!  We are in a place where nothing is certain, and nothing is predictable… and the disruption, uncertainty and confusion still continues.

That is what is happening on the outside?  But what is happening on the inside, in our inner world?  Can we still maintain some degree of composure despite all of the current shifting sands?  When we take time out to consolidate our deep sense of ‘self then we can find peace.  This is definitely not the ego driven self-identity, but the truer deeper unchanging nature of spirit, and this is where we will find it far easier to roll with the current changing times.

We all have the chance to see this current situation as an opportunity, to re-set our lives and to re-connect with our common humanity and God.  Whilst in lockdown many people have suffered from loneliness and isolation, and people have been looking at their lives and can now see what is really important to them.  It is not things, but family, friends and those personal connections.

We have all been called to reflect upon our lives during this current global crisis.  But the major thing to be aware of is not to be infected by the virus of fear.  It is good, if as far as possible, we can remain in our peace and stay calm.  After all, peace is the original nature of the soul.  Let us begin to count our blessings in life.

“Your original, true nature is of peace and divinity.  To experience this is to be
convinced of the absolute value of your intrinsic worth.  You can face any
opposition with the faith of your convictions.”

Dadi Janki

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

Here is a simple Christmas wish list for all souls of the world.  We can makes these part of our daily meditation practice.

  • Let love and compassion always influence our life
  • Let us always be safe and secure.
  • Let us always be healthy.
  • Let us always find peace.
  • Let God always guide our choices in life.
  • Let our natural wisdom prevail.
  • Let us believe that things can get better.
  • Let us trust in the goodness of life.
  • Let us never lose our faith, hope or charity.
  • Let us be blessed with good friends and family.
  • Let God’s grace always be part of our life.
  • Let our good wishes be for more than just one day! How about 365 days of the year?

The vision of God is without prejudice and preference and God sees us all with a pure vision. All souls are the children of God and God’s love is unconditional.  But over generations we seem to have forgotten this eternal truth.  We have more in common with each other than not.  As soon as we forget who we are as spiritual beings, children of God, then this is where body consciousness comes into our life and we begin to live from fear.

Stay well.  Stay happy.  Stay connected to God, to the One Divine.  At the end of the day, we all come from that One Source of Love, God, and we will all return to God. We have to go back to living our lives with our original spiritual nature filled with love, respect, peace, kindness and compassion.  These are the gifts that we should be sharing with each other this Christmas.  If we started to live from these spiritual values the world would soon become a better place.

Remember we are One Spiritual Family, and in spirit we are eternally connected.  We need to remember that we are all children of God, the Ocean of Peace.   When we have a connection with God we automatically fill ourselves with Peace. As members of the human race we are all joined and connected.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

“Power would not be received from God in order for us to fight each other.  
Power is received for us to become peaceful.”

Dadi Janki

 It’s Time…   to care, share, love and spread the light of compassion and good wishes to the whole world.


By Marion Highman and Aruna Ladva

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