• The Quality of Mercy 

    It is perhaps much easier to have mercy for those whom you like and who may be undergoing difficulties, but to have mercy for those who have harmed you, insulted you or betrayed you is indeed a god-like quality.  It indicates that you remain in a high stage of self-respect and are not influenced or shaken by the malevolent acts of others. Furthermore, to not cast blame on the perpetrators revels a high degree of spirituality.

  • MR EGO

    THE EGO is serious… about everything. Everything is important and everything has to be accurate and on time. The EGO excels in serious situations, summons up more power and becomes more controlling.  

  • Incredible India

    No wonder that, for thousands of years, sages and saints have retreated to the mountain tops for silence, liberation and enlightenment. The high-altitude energy enables one to easily connect with God and to experience other realms effortlessly. I strongly suggest if you haven’t done so yet, that you take time out to be with yourself on such a mountain setting. You owe it to yourself.

  • Becoming Great

    Becoming Great Historically, rulers were often attributed the title of ‘The Great’.  Alexander the Great, The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, or Catherine the Great of Russia are just a few examples. Yet, what was exceptional about these human beings that qualified them to receive this title? Mostly these people ruled for a long period of time, or conquered Continue reading »

  • Ignite Your Light

    It’s time… to light our light. It is not simply enough to strike a match in order to light the wick of the soul. One needs to continuously immerse oneself in spiritual wisdom and practice and maintain a steady awareness of soul consciousness and one’s eternity and not just be focused on the vessel of the body! So, whether it’s 19th October or not, let us all take the time to light the light of the soul by seeing ourselves… in a new light!

  • Simple Living High Thinking

    Simple Living High Thinking   “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci Some people may think that living simply means to live a life of renunciation, but if we really understand the motivations behind simplicity, we would realize that it is really beauty in disguise. Most religious and spiritual faiths advocate Continue reading »

  • Emotional Belief

    More than just an expectation, a belief goes much deeper. We carry these beliefs around with us all the time. They govern the way we live our life. Our beliefs determine what we expect from life, and if we don’t get what we expect, or believe that we deserve, we may experience disappointment or anger. Because we totally believe in our belief, we will fight for it, argue about it, and feel that it is our right to have things the way our belief says we should.

  • Naked

    As I looked at these saints, they had no silk ties, polished shoes, Rolex watches or woven suits. They were naked, completely naked.  No one could tell one of them apart from another.  There was no jostling for position or attention. And they didn’t seem slightest bit concerned about how people judged them: they were comfortable in their own skins, they knew who they were and what they stood for, and they were visibly content.

  • 10 Spiritual Lessons from Your Smart Phone

    10 Don’t make the cell phone your world
    The phone may bring the world to you, but is not a substitute for real life.

    Used wisely the cellphone is a great asset and an almost indispensible device in the world today. Used recklessly it can fry your brain and seriously damage human relationships, regardless of how smart it is, or how many contacts you have on What’s App. We suggest that rather than using every spare moment to scroll through ‘facebook’, turn to the face next to you and have a real conversation.

  • Know When It’s Over

    It can take a lot of courage to know when to throw the towel in.  Very often we hold onto our careers/jobs, business ventures or relationships well after they have passed their expiry dates.  Recognizing that it’s over, and it’s time for something new requires clarity of heart and mind enveloped in a lot of self-respect and self-confidence.