• Love and Let Go

    We may be smart enough to fulfil all our worldly desires only to eventually realize that we are living in a trap of our own creation.  Learning to recognise what is real and what is false is the first step to a free, happy and fulfilling life.  Being the master of, and not a slave to our desires means we can be free to enjoy them, and free to let them go.  This is the ultimate self-love.

  • The New Space is Inner Space

    Every time you come into action, do so from that inner space.  It is a bit like having been to the well and coming away with a bucket full of peace! In this way you will find newness and satisfaction in every action, and energised rather than depleted. 

  • Is it Gold, or just Gold Plated?

    With meditation we are able to polish that vision, very much like having to clean our glasses every time we use them.  As that insight becomes clearer to us, we are able to discriminate between what is right and wrong and good and bad, and then take the better decision.  In this way, we make the right choices for ourselves,  choices that are a fit to our values, principles and conscience.  We need to have strong discernment, otherwise we can easily be fooled by life’s attractions.

  • A Season to Every Reason

    The reason why we need to remind ourselves that there is a reason to everything, is in order to maintain our joy and happiness.  If we get consumed by negative thinking, or the gloom and doom, there is no benefit and also we fall into a spiral of depression that may take a very long time to come out of.

  • Gallery – Awakening Inner Power and Potential

    Awakening Inner Power and Potential The Gallery   Harmony House in Kuwait conducted a two day Conference entitled ‘Awakening Inner Power and Potential’ from 3-4 Feb 2018 at the Prestigious Regency Hotel.  The Conference was a unique event that gathered together professional speakers and facilitators from around the world who are experts in the field of Continue reading »

  • The Power of Love – Feb 14th

    True love breaks all borders and boundaries. True love is not ‘what I can get out of’ a relationship, but what I share with another. True love remains ever-green, it doesn’t have expectations, it never runs out, and in its deepest spiritual sense it is our essence, our very core. To continue the words of the Beatles song: ‘Love Is Everything…’

  • Resist and it Persists

    So how do we know when to push for something, or when to give in to it and go with the flow?  When achieving our desired target becomes a big struggle and all energies appear to be against us, then we need to think twice.  When things are smooth and flowing and everyone is on board and offering their blessings to our project, when it ‘feels’ right and easy, then we can say that the energies are flowing and we are heading in the right direction.

  • Hello 2018!

    What happens to the moth after it has sacrificed itself onto the flame? What was his motivation? Why was he the one to recognize the flame and not the others? These and other such questions can help us to understand why each one of us is so different, and why we are motivated by different things at different times.

  • Awakening Inner Power and Potential

    We can find out how to assemble a car, predict weather storms, find recipes for baking a cake, learn about amoebas and genetics and even track people through GPS.  In fact there is even a ‘Do it Yourself’ guide to human enlightenment!