• Lies and Deception

    We have ‘accepted’ such wonderful phrases like ‘being economical with the truth’, and the creation of news based on ‘alternative facts’.  It takes a powerfully honest man or woman to come out and say that they made a mistake.  Everyone is too concerned with their own self-image and watching their own back.  When we live our life by driving from the rear mirror, then our direction is bound to be wrong and no wonder the world is in such a mess today.Studies show that the average person lies several times a day.

  • Where Are You At?

    During our lifetime, we will move through different levels of consciousness.  We could call these stages of being aware, conscious or unconscious. When our life is ruled by our beliefs, then we are not freely creating and living the life we want.  We are often living life from our conditioned and programmed responses to life.  Just take a moment to check yourself.

  • God, Not Guilty!

    For some people God is the convenient fall guy for all the shortcomings and suffering in the world.  But is that true?  Is God really responsible for our suffering or are we to blame for our own creations and actions in the world?

  • Justification

    Spirituality teaches us that there is no ‘free lunch’!  And that somewhere in life we will have to pay for it. In the lesson of karma we learn that ‘what we sow, we reap.’  Therefore, it would be fair to say here, that the best policy is honesty. But why? 

  • Love Was His Journey

    Love Was His Journey “Love is that flame which, when it blazes up, it burns everything except the beloved.” Rumi Many of us have quoted him. Others have fallen in love with his verses and poems. He is one of the most enduring poets of all time. Love was his journey and also his destination: Continue reading »

  • Alone or Lonely?

    Are you lonely?  Research shows that loneliness is prevalent throughout society.  Even if you are married or have a social network of thousands or millions, you are not necessarily spared. You could still feel lonely.  Therefore, loneliness is a subjective experience.  If you feel lonely, then you are.

  • Building Immunity

    As we are boosting our inner immune system, we begin to generate a state of homeostasis, an inner equilibrium and harmony that means that we are in a state of balance within, and therefore better able to deal with external stressors. On the soul level it means we are more able to stay happy and light at all times, regardless of the ups and downs of life.

  • Giving is Receiving 

    Charity need not only be monetary.  are so many ways in which we can give: uplifting someone with a smile, showing kindness, volunteering and sharing time, knowledge or skills with others, or just being a listening ear when it’s most needed.  These things cost us nothing, but bring an unlimited reward of satisfaction.  And, though a businessman may give thousands, it’s possible that a small, unseen, thoughtful good action done from the heart may reap an even greater return in the karmic bank account of life!

  • Feeling Sleepy?

    Once awake, we need to stay awake.  Being awake means to be happy, joyful, excited and enthused about life.  If you remember the story of Samson and Delilah, it was when Delilah lured the mighty Samson into a slumber that she was able to ‘cut’ away all his powers!  Thus, we need to stay attentive and alert at all times. The bandits can come at any time to rob us of our powers. If the guard falls asleep, robbery is inevitable!

  • Waste Not, Want Not  – Celebrating Earth Day

    Actually, if we respect Mother Nature, she will respect us.  The more we help in sustaining the planet, the more the planet will find ways to help us.  It will take a huge collective effort to save the world, but individually our contribution does make a difference on many levels.  If I squander resources, karma says that they won’t be there for me at a time of need.  If I look after them as a trustee, a guardian, then I am creating a relationship of harmony with the elements.