• Inner Peace and Inner Power Retreat, 2018

    One thing we must learn is that we cannot maintain peace without silence or meditation.  We may get fleeting moments of peace in our life, but they all pass momentarily.  Perhaps, we may find that drinking a cup of coffee or smoking a cigarette gives us the experience of peace.  But, that is only temporary for as long as our cup of coffee or cigarette lasts!  But lasting peace comes from a place deep inside.  Going right to the core of our being.  For us to find that quality of peace, then we will need stillness of both the mind and body.

  • Soul Wear

    In this world of first impressions, the desire to ‘make our mark’ is often irresistible.  We are conditioned and encouraged by society’s current day values to judge by appearances, and sometimes we look no further.  However if we only ‘judge the book by its cover’ then imagine what we are missing!  If we fail to see beyond the outer, embellished layer, then we cannot avail ourselves of the treasures that are contained within.

  • Be The Rose

    Almost everyone is stunned by roses and their brilliance in terms of colours, fragrance, beautifully curated petals and fragrance.  Our focus is so much on their beauty that we miss to notice the number of thorns on their stems until we are pricked!  (Ouch!).  Lost in the magnificence we don’t even stop to think that such art was created out of soil and manure.  Nature has it perfectly planned that no matter what seed is planted; the elements will unite to help bring out the best potential of the seed.

  • Sharing and Caring Begins with Good Feelings

    When we care about someone our communication is ignited from a place of love and so there are no “real” obstacles – our tolerance and willingness to understand is effortless.  What we lack is love for our fellow brothers.  Every soul is bankrupt of spiritual power and that is why each one wants to receive before giving.  Imagine a world where everyone is a giver and not a taker.

  • Overcoming Codependency

    Overcoming Codependency Codependency is a sickness; it’s an unhealthy love.  Co-dependents generally have good intentions but low self-esteem and go looking for something outside of themselves to make them feel better.  The consequences of maintaining a co-dependent approach to life is often a lot of resentment, frustration and unmet personal needs. Codependents try to take care of Continue reading »


    THE END   The recent departure of a very special soul has left me asking the question: What is it that matters most at the end of our life? What will souls remember about me, or you in the end? Is it how big was your bank balance? Which house you lived in? How many Continue reading »

  • The Seven Laws of Karma that Can Change Our Life for the Better

    we may think we can escape from the security cameras, the police or the judicial system, but we will never escape from our karma.  Karma is the ultimate universal justice system.  It takes care of everyone’s actions.  This means that we don’t need to become the law unto our self.  For each one will be served what they have ‘ordered’, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter.

  • What’s Controlling You?

    Are others controlling you with their behaviors?  Perhaps, a needy person makes you feel guilty when you don’t give them the attention they seek.  Perhaps, a humorous person irritates you because you don’t have time for their jokes.  Perhaps, certain types of relationships are controlling you – a big brother or sister throws their weight around and you always have to show respect even if you don’t want to.  Pets are the greatest controllers – dogs have to be taken for a walk, cats have to be pampered once a day!  And so, life goes on…

  • Don’t Let Jealousy Hijack Your Life

    Mostly the root of jealousy is a kind of fear, stemming from a lack of self-respect and a lack of a sense of worth or appreciation of one’s own life.  It is when we do not feel complete or fulfilled within ourselves that we start to compare ourselves with others.  We develop a passion or zealousness for making our point, or trying to prove ourselves.  If we were content and satisfied within, we would be secure in the feelings of the eternal self.  But no. Jealousy doesn’t like that. 

  • Sometimes it Pays to Wait

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when we all have to wait.  Even royalty are governed at times and cannot be spared!  In life there are many things that we are waiting for. Waiting for Utopia, for that perfect partner, for that dream job, or simply waiting at the traffic lights or the check-out in the supermarkets.  Waiting is a big part of our life…