• Is God Really Holding a Stick Up There?

    … suffice it to say that there will be a time when we will have to answer for our actions and we will be rewarded or not depending on our deeds. Yes, we are certainly responsible for our actions, but do we really suffer at the hands of God?

  • Thank You Lord for Feeding Me

    Thank You Lord for Feeding Me     Many of us have been taught to bless the food we are about to eat, and to be thankful to God for feeding us.  Yet there is a just–as–important reason to say our prayers, and that is to deflect the not–so–nice vibes from our food. Audio of Continue reading »

  • Don’t Take a Gamble

    Don’t Take a Gamble!   Any addiction that makes you want to become rich quickly without sincere and steadfast effort is questionable. The habit of gambling is not only risky, it is illusionary. It’s been seen that it can destroy not only the life of the one who practices it, but of those who are Continue reading »

  • Gaudi – God’s Architect

    Gaudi – God’s Architect Few people are as synonymous with a city as Antonio Gaudi is with Barcelona. His stunning basilica, La Sagrada Familia (the Holy Family) is a spectacular, fantastical and awe-inspiring piece of architecture that not only adorns the cityscape but extends up to the sky like a magnificent hand reaching to God. Continue reading »

  • Peace in the Park

    Peace in the Park This week I have had the great fortune to participate in ‘Peace in the Park’, the festival of spirit held annually at the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford England. With around three hundred events happening over 3 days, this festival is created with a big heart to bring a little more compassion, Continue reading »

  • Back to Basics II

    Back to Basics II In a world where consumerism is getting increasingly crazy — the word ‘unsustainable’ was surpassed a long time ago — is it such a bad thing to consider getting ‘back to basics’.  Most youngsters have grown up in a disposable culture – a world where things don’t wear out, they just get dumped Continue reading »

  • Fear- less

    Fear-less If we were to sum up the two most powerful forces in the world, they would be FEAR and LOVE. Which one of these two internal forces are your thoughts, words and behaviours driven by? Many will perhaps be thinking that the opposite of love is hate and the opposite of fear is trust. Continue reading »

  • Charity

    Charity   As we embark on the holy month of Ramadan, many will be following the fourth of the five pillars of Islam, that is, fasting.  However there is another pillar of faith that is just as important at this time: that of charitable giving. (Audio – By Carol Lipthorpe) (Music by Deuter) The basic Continue reading »

  • Bored to Death

    Bored to Death “And I am bored to death with it. Bored to death with this place, bored to death with my life, bored to death with myself.” 
― Charles Dickens from his novel Bleak House, spoken by Lady Dedlok (Audio: Being Bored – Music by Chris Spheeris (Allura) ) The expression ‘bored to death’ Continue reading »

  • Newness: Meditate Now with Aruna

    This week, Aruna has recorded a series of meditation commentary.  “Meditate Now” is a new feature of this website, do visit “Meditate Now” from weekly for new meditation commentary by Aruna.