• Easiness

    The state of easiness that we seek is for our own benefit, not for that of others! Sometimes the ego asks: Why should I be easy or flexible when others are not? Why should I allow that car to go first? Why? Because I deserve peace and serenity and sanity and happiness and peace of mind and… and…! When we realise that we are the masters of the situation, and they are not, then we will remain easy. We are masters because we have made a choice and dictated the direction of our drama.

  • Want Nothing

    When I realise that I am the master of my drama and my life, than I need not want. I can trust and feel that everything comes to me at the right time. I do not need to feel insecure or fearful. I am completely aware and in awe of how the universe is tuned in to what I need. And the more I practice this mindset, the easier it becomes to achieve.

  • Dadi Janki

    Dadi Janki Written by Carol Lipthorpe It is a wonderful scene in the beautiful drama that Dadi Janki is back in the Middle East, this time in Bahrain. At the age of 100, Dadi is still circling the globe, still inspiring, still serving, and is perhaps even more powerful than ever. It seems that Dadi Continue reading »

  • Bhavna – Loving Intention

    The feeling of bhavna is one of pure intention. It is filled with love and kindness, faith and trust, purity and innocence. These pure loving feelings go a long way towards helping us to move the mountains of challenges in our daily life and help make life go smoothly and joyfully.

  • True Wealth

    True Wealth If you believe that money and possessions are our only assets, then think again. There are so many wealth resources that each one of us has, yet it is only when we tap into that energy and use it to our benefit, that we feel life to be abundant and generous. Audio of Continue reading »

  • The Art of Pioneering

    It’s time… to emerge the pioneering spirit and recognize that each of us has something valuable to offer the world. To realise that every action and thought for good sends a ripple out into the universe that can affect and inspire millions of others. So no matter whether you are ridiculed or opposed – one day the truth will reveal itself!

  • Stick to Your Story!

    Stick to Your Story! I’m not sure how many New Year’s resolutions you declared, or how many you are still putting into practice! But in order to keep on track, it is so important to stay positive. Focus your attention on what is working: not on what isn’t. On December 31st as we made our Continue reading »

  • So Grateful!

    So Grateful! In 2015 we all saw the face of evil in its most brutal form. We were subjected to some of the darkest forces on our planet. One may ask, can humanity sink any further? Have we somehow forgotten that we all live on this planet as one human race? There would be enough Continue reading »

  • Bye Bye 2015

    Bye Bye 2015 So much has happened around the world in 2015. Some good, and some not so good. But how has the year been for you personally? As we say goodbye to the last twelve months, let us do so choosing to recall the important or life-changing moments, and knowing how rich and experiential Continue reading »

  • Happiness is Power

    It’s Time… to get back onto the throne of power. I am a peaceful and happy being, and nothing and no one can shake me from my throne – not even a monster!