• Fixing the Leaks

    The first sign of a leaking mind is sadness and sorrow – a loss in our happiness quotient! If a thriving bank account gives us happiness, would bankruptcy not cause us sorrow? In the same way, as the mind is full of positive and powerful thoughts it fills us with joy and wonderment. As we begin to lose some of that power, sadness and a feeling of lack and loss begin to set in.

  • Incredible India II

    Incredible India II The Journey is Important – Not the Destination! India is a magnificent place! Even if you took one year to tour it from top to bottom, from East to West, it would not be enough. India has such a variety of cultures, climates and colours that you could easily mistake yourself to Continue reading »

  • The Power of Fables and Fairy Tales

    If we can unlock the spiritual significance of fables and fairy tales we can use them as a means to understand our current spiritual journey. We can create our own fairy tale by identifying our beliefs, needs and wants, change patterns of behavior that no longer serve us, and to respect and emerge the real hero or heroine within.

  • Fasting

    During any fast, in any faith, it is important to give attention to intention. The intention behind any deed should be positive. To check our intention implies checking one’s heart. Is my heart pure and clean enough to fill with the presence of the Divine? Am I being selfless, or is there an expectation of a return, of recognition, that will dilute this good deed?

  • Wait and See

    If I am not patient today then I may become a patient stress tomorrow. I recognise that everything comes in its own time and I become calm and accepting. We can all have patience in certain circumstances, but lets try to stretch that limit every time, so we don’t succumb to the impatience.

  • Use Your Imagination

    As I continue to imagine things in my mind, I give energy to them and whatever we give energy to is more likely to become a reality. So whether I give my attention to that ever-looming car accident, or to my abundance and prosperity is totally up to me. Whatever it is, let me be aware of the power of my thoughts!

  • Fly with the Wings of Zeal and Enthusiasm

    Sometimes we spend a lot of time and energy trying to break down the ‘boulders’ and ‘rocks’ in our lives, when in fact, all we may need to do is simply to move around them, go beyond them, or take ourselves above them. Perhaps we just need to shift our mindset, shift our perspective, and what seemed like a mountain might turn out to be a molehill after all. In this way we can more easily ‘fly’ over the problem.

  • De-Addict

    But if you are feeling that it is time to de-addict, the key is in really finding your passion and purpose. Take a really good look at yourself and your life. Discover what really makes you happy and decide what you really want to do in your life. Realise that your potential is so much more than you are living at this present moment, and commit to living it. Create targets, make plans, have goals.

  • It’s Free, Are You?

    Nature gives abundantly always, with its ever flowing waterfalls, rivers and oceans, its orchards and gardens. Nature does not measure and remark, ‘right, you planted one seed, therefore I will give you one flower back!’ But instead of respecting and honoring nature, we abuse and misuse and take it all for granted. Free does not mean to take advantage.

  • Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

    Ignorance is bliss they say… or is it? For how long can we stay in ignorance or denial? If we are not willing to face the truth, it would mean that we are willing to accept falsehood as our way of life. Certain truths such as stealing or hurting others are obvious and need no explanation. Other truths have to be felt and realised through experience, contemplation, meditation. And once we do have a realisation, we can never go back to ‘not knowing’, and we cannot accept falsehood again!