• Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat, 2016

    Inner Peace Inner Peace Retreat, 2016 This year was the 8th ‘Inner Peace Inner Power’ Retreat held at the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Mt Abu, India. It was truly an amazing energy that we, the 104 guests and 45 helpers and guides, collectively created on the holy mountain top. Mt Abu is a Continue reading »

  • Discovery Mode

    Discovery Mode We each have our own perspective of the world, and we tend to think that ours is the correct one! When other people’s viewpoint or comprehension of events doesn’t match our own we tend to jump to the conclusion that their version is wrong. Yet each one of us is unique, and our Continue reading »

  • Reduce Your Need, Forsake Your Greed

    Reduce your needs, forsake your greed, take less, and have compassion for the planet. Have mercy for the kids and laborers who have to work ever harder to get the chocolate to your palate! Be kind to the animals, that is, the cows and the crocodiles!

  • The Power of Positivity is in Your Hands

    It is important for us to stay in a positive mind frame at all times. Only we can do that for ourselves, for only we have the switch to our own mind. When a situation arises there is nothing to be gained from getting nervous, negative or upset. Just stay focused on what you need to do and success will soon follow.

  • Light Up Your Life – Happy Diwali

    If we put Diwali within a spiritual context, we are in fact those living lights, the dipaks. The clay represents the body and the light, the wick, is the soul. The oil represents the experiences of life itself. Once we apply the oil of knowledge (wisdom) and strike the connection with the Supreme, we are illuminated, enlightened, and begin to share that light with others. When enough of us come together that critical mass will light up the world. All darkness of the world will disappear.

  • Pain-full to Peace-full

    Rather than carrying on being resentful, it’s much better to learn the lessons of pain. Nothing comes to us without a reason, and there is usually some benefit merged in the experience. We can begin to look inside and gently ask, ‘Why did I take this on board?’ ‘Could I have dealt with this differently?’

  • Incredible India III

    Incredible India III India, often known as the mother of the world by the historians, and the jewel of the crown by the Britishers, leaves every visitor wanting more of this exotic and magical place. One can often have a love hate relationship with India. You can love it for its ‘freedom’, for its beauty, Continue reading »

  • The Hermit at Home

    One might call it ‘the hermit at home’. In other words, there is no need to move to the mountain. We can now remain in our homes, and yet become free from so many things that actually consume a lot of our time and attention. Those “things” may even be extra bank accounts or land or assets. They may be relationships that suck our energy and leave us feeling negative and aggressive.

  • One Truth or a Hundred Lies

    At the end of the day, telling the truth is much easier than telling lies. Most of us don’t want to tell lies, but maybe there is a grey area that we can fall into at times. We may tell a lie because in the short term we don’t want to admit or own up to something that we are embarrassed or ashamed about. But it’s usually a much better strategy to take a deep breath and own up… at least the pain is short-lived and may even invoke empathy from others. It’s certainly better than weeks, months or years of nursing a guilty conscience.

  • Need or Needy?

    Once I have tapped into the qualities and powers of the soul, the need is met. Anger, greed, attachment, ego and lust, are all due to the fact that I have not found myself. I am still looking for myself outside of myself. In this way could we not agree that we have abandoned ‘ourself’? We left our own (inner) kingdom in search for someone else’s, where we believe we may find more! But that is an illusion.