• Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

    Empathy will reduce conflicts in our life as we try to understand what makes someone tick. We will not take things so personally. We will not take offence for little reason. We will be more mindful and aware of the dynamics at work in our relationships.

  • Creating Change (II)

    Creating Change The peaceful and beautiful island of the Kingdom of Bahrain became the backdrop for a very powerful and inspirational conference entitled “Creating Change”. It was organized by the Bahrain Meditation Centre (BMC), and ran from 7-9th February 2017.  After many months of preparation, the conference was inaugurated on 7th night, by its Patron, Continue reading »

  • Creating Change

    Change is not easy, yet we all find that at some point we have to change. If we don’t change with willingness, love, and through understanding, then time will find a way to change us by force. I have seen this with in my own life as well as in the lives of many others.

  • Take Care of Your Karma

    We seem to be living as though there is an endless supply of resources on this planet. We consume more than we need. We cook more than we eat. We even waste time as if there is an endless supply of that too! Well, we had better wake up!

  • A Man of Vision and Virtue

    This week, on 18th January, I celebrated the anniversary of the founder of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Organisation, Brahma Baba. His spirit departed in 1969, yet his legacy continues. He was a great visionary, and a noble and good-hearted person. During his lifetime and up until today, he has inspired probably millions of people with his simple and elevated lifestyle and aspirations to become a better and truly benevolent person… a world benefactor. Here are a few examples of his life and how we too can take inspiration.

  • New Beginnings – New You!

    Nothing Ever Changes Unless YOU Do
    Firstly, I have to change, not that they have to change or that has to change. We can change external situations such as get a new partner, renovate our house, or perhaps even change countries, have saved up enough to be satisfied… yet if we are the same inside as we were before, it’s like creating a paradise around us and yet we still have the devil inside us.

  • Seasons Greetings!

    We forget that happiness is our inner treasure, it’s the most valuable treasure, much more than the all the money sitting in our account! No amount of money can buy our happiness. Happiness brings power with it. When we are sad we are weak. Only in happiness can the heart widen and become generous. When we are angry and sad, we are stunted. Only in happiness can we make any headway in our personal progress. This coming year, choose, The Happiness Project!

  • I Believe…

    I believe that we all have potential to make a change. There are people who just give up too easily. Or they believe that positive change can only be actioned by the rich, famous or powerful. Yet, once we wake up to the hidden potential of the soul, we realize that we are capable of doing wonders.

  • Before I Die…

    Let us not procrastinate our joy. There is little pleasure in living a humdrum life. Life was meant to be lived well, in happiness, ease and comfort. It is we who make life difficult for ourselves by adding all the other stresses of laboring hard, pleasing others or doing things to show off.

  • Attitude!

    In fact, the situation is what it is; it’s my attitude that makes all the difference to creating a happy, peaceful, joyous life, or one that is dreary and full of pain and misery. So it’s totally up to me. And what’s more is that people are very likely to live up… or live down… to the attitude I have of them.