• ‘What If?’

    We worry over so many things, when, more often than not our worries are not justified. Have you noticed that children don’t seem to worry a lot? When did we lose our innocence, that carefree attitude? Over-worrying can become a sickness if we don’t take care. It is one thing to be a good planner, to manage risks and be meticulous, but quite another to be a worrier about every tiny detail of life.

  • Dedicated to all Mums!

    There are many things mums say to us which at the time we may not like. Yet the words of wisdom always seem to come handy later, especially when we begin our own families. It is then that we begin to value the advice more. So to the younger generation I would say, just listen, even if you feel your ego knows better. ‘Cos mums are mostly always right!’

  • Understanding Cultures

    It is so important to understand each other and not judge or feel insulted. How often do we go to places and find things offensive, when in fact the other party may actually be trying to be quite polite! If we find ourselves caught up in a situation especially with a person from another culture then take a minute to reflect where they may be coming from. It may save you a lot of grief!

  • This Journey is TOO short

    Let us exercise what is in our hands. Take the path of least resistance and less pain, which is the loving route of forgiveness, kindness, compassion and respect. To stay quiet, to love, to forget, to respect, are signs of an enlightened soul. In any case it is a dead-end street to try to control others.

  • Care-More

    When we care for people, we invest in them. We plant seeds of good deeds and the return always comes back in the form of love and kindness. Caring never goes to waste. When we use our positive qualities in a worthwhile way then those qualities too will come back to us from other people. It works just like a boomerang. If we show that care for others, then that care and respect will get reflected back to us too. Of course this also applies equally to that which is positive or negative! So it pays to be positive.

  • The Feel Good Factor

    We all want to feel good and be happy, it is only natural. However if we want genuine and lasting happiness we need to use our power of discrimination to know what’s good for us and what may just trick us into a fleeting sense of pleasure.

  • Food Glorious Food!

    This is why it is so important to create time for a respectful moment of silence, to offer thanks, or give grace for our food, before eating it. As we sit before our food, look at it with love, and be thankful for the food that we have, we are giving food that reverence it deserves. Food is matter and all matter responds kindly to love. It will serve us better.

  • Be a Priority Not an Option

    In this age of social networking it is possible to have thousands of friends but no real friendships. There are many who will turn up for the midnight party yet how many can we rely on at a time of need? We have many options but who would be our priority? How many people do Continue reading »

  • Have to Vs. Want to

    There are many times in our lives when we have to do something we don’t feel like doing, such as looking after the elderly or the sick or doing certain chores in the house. What exactly is the difference between doing something because we ‘have to’ or doing something because we ‘want to’? Does it Continue reading »

  • It’s Time to Stop Playing Dominoes

    In life how many games do you find yourself playing? Our relationships can become very complicated once we start to play the expectations game. Then you will find that outcomes will always be ones of dis-appointment. This is because we often confuse attachment with love. These are two completely different energies.