• Naked

    As I looked at these saints, they had no silk ties, polished shoes, Rolex watches or woven suits. They were naked, completely naked.  No one could tell one of them apart from another.  There was no jostling for position or attention. And they didn’t seem slightest bit concerned about how people judged them: they were comfortable in their own skins, they knew who they were and what they stood for, and they were visibly content.

  • 10 Spiritual Lessons from Your Smart Phone

    10 Don’t make the cell phone your world
    The phone may bring the world to you, but is not a substitute for real life.

    Used wisely the cellphone is a great asset and an almost indispensible device in the world today. Used recklessly it can fry your brain and seriously damage human relationships, regardless of how smart it is, or how many contacts you have on What’s App. We suggest that rather than using every spare moment to scroll through ‘facebook’, turn to the face next to you and have a real conversation.

  • Know When It’s Over

    It can take a lot of courage to know when to throw the towel in.  Very often we hold onto our careers/jobs, business ventures or relationships well after they have passed their expiry dates.  Recognizing that it’s over, and it’s time for something new requires clarity of heart and mind enveloped in a lot of self-respect and self-confidence.

  • Get Over It

    Stop being a victim and become a master of your life by creating the kind of life you want. Always remember that suffering is optional, in fact it is self-imposed. You do not need to just stand there and allow it to take you over. Adjust, forgive, forget, or do whatever you need to do, and then move on in all ways into your next chapter of your life.  Just as when we peel a fruit, we keep what is of value and throw the rest away. So too, keep the best and get over the rest.

  • Embrace the Unpredictable

    It is the ego that loves to think that what it is conjuring and creating is all actually taking place according to its own plans, and so it begins to feel safe and secure within that.  Yet security is not in having a plan and implementing it, but in being able to apply the power to adjust when things are not going to plan. If fact it is at these times that we can exercise creativity and open ourselves up to newness.

  • Focus!

    Choose to focus on the good and positive and that is what you will attract into your life. Focus on positive things because that is what you want to experience. Move your attention away from the negative, and do not give your problems the sunshine of your attention, unless you want them to grow!

  • Don’t Take Sorrow and Don’t Give Sorrow

    to stop giving and taking sorrow and to use spiritual wisdom to take the best from the situation. Sorrow is created as the result of my own thinking and so choose to have self-respect and a heart that is flowing. Don’t take things too personally. See things more clearly, without the clouds of emotion, and you will be able to respond appropriately. Then you will see that a life of happiness is possible… always!


    I am awesome because I just am.  I do not need to do anything to prove myself or give of myself.  I am a divine being, radiating love and light, good wishes and pure feelings and that is enough – so long as I am in the consciousness of my own greatness

  • Return Ticket

    ‘Return Ticket’ is about being aware that we will not be here in this body forever. When we travel, the date of our departure is always in our mind and we work around that date with regard to our sightseeing and shopping plans.  So too, we constantly need to have the thought on the back burner of our mind that at some point we will be returning home.  We may not know the date, but we do need to be mentally prepared.

  • Resist and it Persists

    So next time you suspect that life is trying to show you something, stop, look and listen carefully. ‘Life’ only has our best interests at heart, and it may serve us well to listen. But, like a good friend, if we resist the first time, it will persist until we learn our lesson!