• It’s Just Projection… 

    Stay positive and life is much lighter. We can use our feelings and emotions to guide us through situations. Sometimes we need patience and we need to give ourselves encouragement. But most of all be aware: In this situation how much of this ‘stuff’ is mine? (In which case I need to deal with it) and how much of it is the other person’s ‘stuff’? (In which case I don’t need to take it on board.) 

  • Choosing Happiness

    The important thing to realise here is that happiness is in my hands.  Let me not wait for anyone or anything to make me happy.  Right here and now, stop and choose to be happy doing what you are doing.  If you are tired of waiting, then wait with happiness.  If you are working hard, work hard happily.  If you are poor, be poor happily.  When you are happy, everything comes to you easily.

  • The Battered Fence – Universal Story

    The Battered Fence There was once a little boy who lost his temper at the slightest provocation. He would rage and rant, abuse everyone and throw a tantrum. All the advice his parents gave, was of no use. It was then that his father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every Continue reading »

  • Pulling out the Roots

    Envisage the scene: everyone’s personal ‘package’ of vices is being played out against each other’s on this world drama stage. One person’s anger striking another’s, one person’s lust playing off another’s. Attachment interwoven into complicated webs of relationships. Greed and competition escalating on all sides. It is no wonder we have lost our peace of mind!

  • Soul Sleep

    Soul Sleep Many of us maybe physically awake, yet asleep in other ways.  Sleep is generally good for us and we could not survive for very long without it.  But when the consciousness falls asleep it reveals another angle to the maxim, ‘If you snooze you lose’! Just as sleep is a requisite for the Continue reading »

  • Ramadan – The Month of Charity

    The basic premise of fasting at Ramadan is that one should aim to conquer the senses and selfish desires, and instead give a thought to the tribulations of those who may be less fortunate. It is intended to be a time for quiet contemplation, to empathise with the less fortunate, and to remember that many in this world are suffering hardship, poverty and starvation.

  • Putting into Practice – Source: Indian Fable

    Putting into Practice Source: Indian Fable Intrepreted by Faraaz Tanveer   As three travellers crossed the mountains of the Himalayas, they discussed the importance of putting into practice everything they had learnt on a spiritual plane.  They were engrossed in their conversation.  It was late at night, when they realised that all they had with Continue reading »

  • ‘What If?’

    We worry over so many things, when, more often than not our worries are not justified. Have you noticed that children don’t seem to worry a lot? When did we lose our innocence, that carefree attitude? Over-worrying can become a sickness if we don’t take care. It is one thing to be a good planner, to manage risks and be meticulous, but quite another to be a worrier about every tiny detail of life.

  • Dedicated to all Mums!

    There are many things mums say to us which at the time we may not like. Yet the words of wisdom always seem to come handy later, especially when we begin our own families. It is then that we begin to value the advice more. So to the younger generation I would say, just listen, even if you feel your ego knows better. ‘Cos mums are mostly always right!’

  • Understanding Cultures

    It is so important to understand each other and not judge or feel insulted. How often do we go to places and find things offensive, when in fact the other party may actually be trying to be quite polite! If we find ourselves caught up in a situation especially with a person from another culture then take a minute to reflect where they may be coming from. It may save you a lot of grief!