Building Immunity

Building  Immunity

There is a famous story in Indian literature whereby an earnest student named Chandragupt was given a drink every day by Chanakhya, his wise Guru. When Chandragupt is asked by another what the drink is that he is receiving every day, he replied, “I don’t know, but I don’t question my Guru, whatever he does, he does for my benefit”. Yet he decides to ask his Guru what is in the drink that he is being given.  The Guru tells him that he has been giving him a little dose of poison every day.  Chandragupt exclaims, “but Guruji, you know I would sacrifice my life to you any time you ask me”.  Guru Chanakhya replies, “I know your loyalty, there is no doubt in that.  If you are attacked with the sword, you can win any battle, but what if someone gives you poison?  How will you defend yourself against that?  I am giving you poison everyday so that you build up immunity in your body, so you can defend yourself even against poison”.

What poisons are we drinking everyday?  As we indulge in greed and anger, negativity and hatred, are these toxins good for us? Are they making us more vulnerable to more of the same, or more immune?

Any emotions that we indulge in that cause us and others distress, pain or anxiety can bring us to the realization that these are drops of poison. They can be an indication that we need to learn from them and become wiser and smarter. In this way these poisonous thoughts and attitudes will not create dis-ease within us, but instead can become the basis of new-found strength and immunity.

If we follow Guru Chanakya’s logic, we will in fact be building antibodies against those poisons, instead of allowing them to kill us.  In essence, every experience of the negative is valuable if it takes us to a higher level of consciousness.  Because in the knowing of what we don’t want, we know what we want.

To build the body’s immunity, we take daily supplements. What are we taking to build the immunity in the self?  What are the minerals and vitamins we need to take for the soul? As we meditate, spend time with our selves in silence, and practice positive thinking, these become our immune-boosters.  In other words, they supplement the soul.  They aid us in creating the right thoughts, making the right decisions and taking or doing the right actions.

Prevention is always better than cure. Let us spend time with our selves to get to know our strengths and weaknesses.  When we do not give time to the self, we are forever drowned in sound and action, and unable to hear our own inner voice speaking to us.  We cannot know what we really want, and we continue to do that which is routine and habitual.  We are possessed by our formulated mindsets, not free and not able to change.  And this may not be healthy.  Practice a little solitude and detachment, and observe what happens.

Because in the knowing of what we don’t want,

we know what we want.

They say that our diet plays a big part in building immunity.  So too the diet of our thoughts plays a huge part in how we are feeling on a daily basis.  If I am moody one day, or happy another and sad another, then surely, I need to check the quality of my thoughts, for they are affecting my state of mind. So too as we ensure that our thoughts are consistently pure, positive and powerful, we are building the inner muscles of the soul.  This keeps us strong and supple at the same time.

Building immunity has to be a consistent effort.  You cannot just take vitamin C one day and hope that the effect will last for the whole winter.  We need to be vigilant to not allow toxic thoughts to creep into our awareness.  Getting enough sleep, rest and downtime, also builds immunity.  Create less stress for yourself.  Learn to let go and allow the flow.

As we are boosting our inner immune system, we begin to generate a state of homeostasis, an inner equilibrium and harmony that means that we are in a state of balance within, and therefore better able to deal with external stressors. On the soul level it means we are more able to stay happy and light at all times, regardless of the ups and downs of life. Poisonous thoughts, words, and actions will no longer be present in the system, nor will they be able to affect us. Instead, we will transform them into kind and loving thoughts and actions.

It’s Time… to pay a dose of attention every day to eliminating the toxins and building up our inner immunity.  Whatever we put into it will be worth it, as it is creating internal resilience and a healthy, happy mindset.

Om Shanti


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK




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  • J.Ramadevi

    Dear sister, the message is relevant, valuable and simply superb to remember and remind ourselves for developing immunity to the soul. Thanks.


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